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Year of the Lovers: June Roundup

Scott K

Jun 16 - Year of the Lovers - 3 Arrows


June my dear you were a whirlwind month.

I'm looking through the Tarot Dailies and my poetry, readings, journals and words and gathering it together for the Roundup. What is the point of a journal, public or private, if not to learn from the lessons, to review the timeline of our days and seek some meaning in ourselves?

The image above is from Father's Day, the 16th, and I wrote:

"How do we forgive our fathers? Maybe in a dream. Do we forgive our fathers for leaving us too often, or forever, when we were little? Maybe for scaring us with unexpected rage, or making us nervous because there never seemed to be any rage there at all? Do we forgive our fathers for marrying, or not marrying, our mothers? Or divorcing, or not divorcing, our mothers? And shall we forgive them for their excesses of warmth or coldness? Shall we forgive them for pushing, or leaning? For shutting doors or speaking through walls? For never speaking, or never being silent? Do we forgive our fathers in our age, or in theirs? Or in their deaths, saying it to them or not saying it. If we forgive our fathers, what is left?"

~ Thomas Builds-the-Fire, Smoke Signals, Sherman Alexie (book and screenplay)

Forgiveness Humility Compassion

bring these in hand today remember you are child no matter your age you are at once young and kind

For our fathers let us be soft there is so much that is made hard for men so hard they become brittle and break in our tears and this this is unfair for we are skin, blood and bone and love, life, and home

Forgive be humble be soft and compassionate most importantly be loving

Happy fathers day.

Daily Tarot / Year of the Lovers June 16, 2013 Sunday Card: Heron - King of Vessels Deck: The Wild Wood Tarot Number: 1 - The Father

I find myself drawn to some words and concepts that repeated through June. Words like compassion, forgiveness, expansion, judgement, and softness. 

June was an interesting month, I mean I had the most astounding conversations and discovery moments with clients and energy work. I felt like as a six month I was probably getting into the comfort of my new routine, my new life as a full-time reader, magickal practitioner and healing facilitator. Yes I think to myself, "you are doing this!"

And I wonder, how others are doing in this process. I keep close to heart my intentions for this year, and I work daily at them. I hope you have as well, or if not, if you saw that what you desired didn't fit the pattern of your living, I hope you found the right direction that led you, is leading you, to that truth.

I present to you the cards of June. Remember you can view them, like, comment, add insights daily, every day this year at The Sacred Other Facebook Page. Not only are the images posted there, as on Instagram, they include the reading from the morning and allows you to life, comment, and add to the conversation.

Be welcome to join in insightful, creatively, and respectfully.

I hope this finds you well...

Scott KS