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(Updated): Mini Readings Available at

Scott K

The Will to surrender   Suspended, in stillness we connect to the inner light, the Universe, creativity, Spirit. The last few months I've found myself back in the realm of Readings for clients. Professionally I call this "consulting" through the services as I combine an intuitive approach through conversation, holding space and energy work as we discuss and explore. Good stuff. It's becoming very popular on that end of business.

Those of you here at The Sacred Other and through her [my sites] various appendages like Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter already know I am an active Tarot enthusiast. The daily Tarot powers-on and I'm in deep appreciation mode for those of you who speak up, drop a comment, share or click a like on a photo or daily message. Those likes and shares are part of what becomes my get up and go each morning, and affirmation for the work. This has expanded and in the last 6 months I've offered private readings online to some of my far off clients and regulars.

I decided it was time to spread my wings a little further and thanks to the enthusiastic push of a few fans and friends I'm opening the door again on Mini-Readings with the Tarot.

So I am offering Mini-Readings per week at $20.00 a pop. I had intended a limited amount but I'm going to open it up and see how many requests I get without becoming overwhelmed.

Here's what you will get, and why it's different from the rest...


One question, sent via email, and you will receive:

  • Please note the price of the mini tarot price has changed to @20.00 due to friends prodding at the quality of the reading.
  • A 1 to 3 card reading of the Tarot and my particular clan of guides who speak through much of my writing and Daily Tarot.
  • A digital-photograph of that spread including images from the elemental and spirit energies that were called out of my toolbox into your reading. These can vary from statuary, stones, feathers, and such. You never know.
  • A full description of what I receive via my sources via pdf, email, roughly a page.
  • Delivery of the reading within 24-48 hours via email.*


As you can see the daily tarot is diverse with various cards, spreads and meanings.

Expect the same with your Mini-Reading.

How to get a reading

First contact me to set up a Mini Reading via email through the contact form below.

When I have confirmed your question and agreed to the reading I will send you a link to a PayPal-purchase page to pay for your Mini-Reading. After I have confirmed your question, agreed to the reading, and received payment I will do the reading.

If at any point I feel I cannot do the reading, for any reason, or life "happens" I will tell the purchaser and cancel reading or refund. I will not give refunds because someone doesn't like what I have to say. I spent the hour on you, reading your energy, and inquiring on the issues you have written me about.


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I also offer other types of readings, and Spirit Portraits, you can learn more about those here:


“I really enjoyed my reading with Scott. I was comfortable with him from the very beginning; he is a very warm, welcoming person. I needed some direction in my life and was having some issues. His reading really put things in perspective, and he accurately described things going on in my life that he had no prior knowledge to. Scott is gifted and radiates light and kindness. You can just tell that he really wants to help you, and he does. I highly recommend Scott for a reading anytime”

~ Nancy K. Duplechain, Author Dark Bayou


When my life is feeling out of control, Scott is the one I call to help get me grounded. His insight and healing techniques have helped me get through some of the toughest times in my life. Whenever I leave a Session with Scott, whether it be Reiki or a reading, I always have a sense of calm and direction and renewed purpose.

-Angela, Los Angeles


Scott is a seasoned intuitive, teacher and innovator in the practice of Reiki. And a session with him encompasses all of that and more. Whether you've never experienced a Reiki energy session before, or if you're familiar with it, Scott is the practitioner for you. I highly recommend him. Treat yourself!- Josh B

I will always and forever recommend Scott to all my friends and family. He is so kind, supportive, insightful and smart! I have never encountered such deep analysis and great understanding of the situation. Scott was tremendously helpful and is extremely knowledgeable at his craft. Hands down, one of the best Tarot readings I have ever had! Thank you”

– Evelyn Javier, Pasadena

Thank you,

Scott KS More on me: About + Readings + Healing Work



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