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Spinning the Sun - Summer Solstice

Scott K

summer-solstice-2013 Good morning, or depending where you are in the Northern Hemisphere, afternoon or evening. Summer Solstice arrived this morning at 5:04 am, I know because I was abruptly awoken by the cat. My furry alarm clock today.

Regardless I was up with the sun or near enough, and I remembered that I had promised I would get up and do some meditation and journey work with morning light. And although I really wanted to be up north with friends for a Summer Solstice beach clean up tomorrow, and see my father -how fitting- but funds are just not around at the moment and I'm sitting tight in Glassell Park, budget mindful.

I got a lot out of the journey work today. Mostly I wanted to tune into the turning of the wheel, the spinning of the sun, resonate the shift with awareness and gratitude. You know, "give thanks" with a positive attitude and centering spirit.

Rather than ramble on into what I did, I wanted to wish everyone a happy solstice. When I come out of these high-light work spaces and really earth it, bring it to my body, my home, my relationships I come back with this sentiment and feeling. We have enough rage, and anger, and angst, and all of that necessary survival instinct emotion.

Today I call on high, I call on light, I bring in love, I seed something good and watch it... yep, tend it over the next six months. Maybe something in the garden, maybe something in the garden of the soul, or in the heart of another.

Today I am spinning sun-light, and seeding soul.

I leave you with the following message from T. Thorn Coyle.

A Solstice Prayer: Let us shine light T Thorn Coyle [LINK]

Let us awaken! Let us rise! Let us quicken into power! Let us become brilliant to each other! Let us love. This longest day may we know our beauty. May we honor one another. May we bless this earth. May we shine!

ll things on earth require the light of the sun. Even those things that need the safe sheltering of darkness are nourished by things that rise toward heat and light. We can care for the parts that need gestation, and allow these things to rest in the shade, sleep in the night, or burrow in deep earth. We can shine a light of gentleness or challenge upon those things that have stayed in darkness for too long. 

Even the angler fish, in the depths of the sea, which would scorch were it brought to the surface, even the angler fish feeds from things that feed from things that are nurtured by the sun. We honor the depths. We reach for the light.

We are one with the Sun. In this moment, let us dazzle our own hearts with light. 

With deepest respect and love. Thank you.


Scott KS

*** You can find T Thorn Coyle on Facebook, or her blog Know Thyself.


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