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Podcast from Sounds True: Listen to "Red Hot and Holy: A Heretic's Love Story" P.1

Scott K

SeraBeak-Red-Revolution-Facebook-CoverDriving home from an appointment in the West Side today and listening to podcasts, tuned into Sounds True, Insights at the Edge, to this podcast: Sera Beak: Red Hot and Holy, Part 1 At first I wasn't in the groove of the conversation. I don't know who Sera Beak is and there are lots of thoughts on "spirituality" put to podcast and available for listening but her voice had me. Thoughtful, some kind of wisdom speaking out from there along the web. Part of me was doing a comparison, what is the difference between her and Chopra or Tolle? I love diversity and since I had about an hour or so before I would even begin to pass through the hills to home I settled myself to listen, and what delicious treat of a conversation.

As the conversation unpacked I found myself drawn deeper into Sera's journey. This was a not a conversation on spirituality but a turn towards less discussed and more profound moments of soul. One might ask what is the difference? Tami Simon of Sounds True did and Sera's explanation and story evolved in such a way that I was nodding along, thinking, and affirming so much of what she had to say until about  40 minutes in. 
I am sitting in traffic on the 10 fwy and as Sera speaks my mind rippled. It was one of those reality checks. I felt as if I heard the words of my soul, speaking.
"...the story of the memory or the recognition. And I know this is sounds sort of out there. But is that we are each our own universe, and that this particular universe that we know of as God and Source and The Creator, we decided to create a new experience. And what we did was projected part of our own essence into this universe. And we're all doing it to each other. We're projecting into each others Universes and having experiences in each others Universes, this is all from a Red Perspective [The Red Lady is name for her soul, or maybe you would call it the Over-Soul, Higher Self, etc] but it's an incredibly intimate experience because to come into this Universe project part of your essence in you have to merge with this Universe."
A few minutes later...
"...I came in through my God parents but they did not create my essence. My essence is actually outside of this Universe. It's experiencing itself in this Universe so I am made up of the elements within this universe and even the consciousness of this Universe. And I wanted this ride. I wanted to experience what was here and it's been a really, really long ride. And very intense, and through the ride through the different dimensions I've fragmented, and fragmented, and fragmented to experience different things both darkest of the dark and the lightest of the light, and everything in between and now the process feels like I'm coming home. And so I'm collecting the pieces of myself that have been fragmented out. And home for me is being in my Lady's body, like being  with her and as her and fully extending into this incarnation, as her, as a human. And when I do that, when I'm fully connected with her and I'm just enjoying that distinction I am at the same time connected to everything that is and every being in the universe because the highest part of my Lady in this Universe is connected to the God of this Universe, and all of you. Just like your greater beings from this perspective are as well. So after this experience, and it's a reoccurring experience there are different aspects of it and elements that will show up, I understand that -to this the small human degree I can- this epic love story of this universe and us coming in and merging not just with this universe but with each other and still maintaining our own unique essence. And what's happened for most of us is that we have lost touch with this distinction, this sovereignty, this real... This real "us-ness" um for many many different reasons, but if we're going to speak in a spiritual context, often it's because we've over-focused on the Oneness, a little bit to me, and that's my experience. And, and that once we leave this body we just sort of merge, we go into "no self" or source. And I so respect all of that, but that has never... but if I'm going to be frank I've never bought it. Like some part of my being since I was little..."
What shook me... hmm. Yes. A sudden insight that I am an awareness projecting into this world of thought and form and feeling. A soul experiencing through Goddess, through God, through Universe. In that moment Walker Between Worlds, made so much sense.I'm very excited for the book. If it's anything like the conversation, and Tami Simon during the interview made a few affirming mentions about the real uniqueness of Sera's perspective, I'm on edge for part two of the conversation and to get my paws around the covers of Red Hot and Holy: A Heretic's Love Story.
The link to listen online is below the podcast description, it is a part 1 of 2.
Tami Simon speaks with Sera Beak, a Harvard-trained scholar of comparative world religions and a dynamic new voice in modern spirituality. Sera spent years traveling the world to study with Sufi dervishes, Tibetan monks, Indian yogis, mystics, shamans, and more. She is the author of The Red Book, and her new book with Sounds True is Red Hot and Holy: A Heretic’s Love Story. In the first part of a two-part interview, Tami speaks with Sera about what she sees as the difference between spirit and soul, and what she learned during her own “red night of the soul.” She also speaks about the phenomenon of spiritual bypassing, and why she always sees the divine in shades of red. (60 minutes)


Listen to Sera Beak: Red Hot and Holy, Part 1

About the book

2286-RedHOtHolyWhen one person dares to speak her truth, it challenges us all to live our own. WithRed Hot and Holy, Sera Beak offers a provocative and intimate view of what it means to get up close and personal with the divine in modern times.

With a rare combination of audacious wit, scholarly acumen, and tender vulnerability—vibrantly mixed with red wine, rock songs, tattoos, and erotic encounters—Sera candidly chronicles the highs and lows of her mystical journey. From the innocence of her childhood crush on God; through a whirlwind of torrid liaisons and bitter break-ups with Christianity, Buddhism, Sufism, Hinduism, and the New Age; and finally into committed monogamy with her own Red Hot and Holy Goddess, Sera shares transformative insights, encouraging us all to trust our unique path and ignite our own spiritual love affair.

Sera Beak's luscious writing and renegade spiritual wisdom that slices through religious and new age dogma made her debut book The Red Book a breakout success. With Red Hot and Holy she offers a far more personal book— an illuminating, hilarious, and above all utterly honest portrait of the heart-opening process of mystical realization. This hot and holy book invites you to embrace your soul, unleash your true Self, and burn, baby, burn with divine love.


You can also find Sera Beak on Facebook here [LINK] or at her website [LINK].

Be well,

Scott KS


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