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Year of the Lovers: May Tarot Round Up

Scott K


May came and went in a blur. The month of expanding on the vision (the goal), to put myself out on the market this year and begin to teach, pass Reiki, give readings and massage happened. I began to wonder what I could do next with what I had at hand creatively. There is that Saturn retrograde in the sky and as a vibratory influence, over conversation with friends, and in consideration with daily tarot, I couldn't help but wonder about the restrictions on personal and professional advancement.

My road since graduating from NHI has been a steady climb, sometimes with a healthy sweat, and I feel like I am at a stopping point but a little voice in my head reminds me of the length of the marathon. It's not 26 miles, it's 26.2 miles and the last bit can be a push when one has brought themselves so far. You can see the finish line coming up. You can hear the cheering of the crowd at the ribbon and you are gearing yourself up for that last leg of the run.

I tell myself it's time to push that last bit through to the goal but I tell you this month, if this was a marathon, I need a little "oomph."

I present to you the cards from May, generally posted, daily, at the Sacred Other Fan Page on Facebook.

Follow along, add your thoughts, share your stories. They are welcome.

I leave you with a little snippet from one of the blogs I follow on Astrology, at Virgo Magic. Note that I try to consider the astrological movements as Caroline Casey of the Visionary Activist Show presents them, a mythic sky play to draw our awareness deeper into the mystery.

"The following post is an article that was published in The Mountain Astrologer in their Dec. 2012/Jan. 2013 issue. The Saturn-Neptune trine is strong in the sky now through July (peaking July 19), and this seems like an appropriate time to share the article with you...

Saturn — responsibility, authority, pragmatism, and focus — enters Scorpio on October 5, forming a supportive trine to Neptune. Saturn’s influence can make it easier for us to perceive and work effectively with the subtle, elusive, and amorphous energies of Neptune in Pisces. A trine is a 120-degree angle that promotes ease, cooperation, and harmony, but it tends to be passive unless we intentionally activate its power. We would be wise to take advantage of the Saturn-Neptune trine, since we can expect the square from Saturn in Sagittarius to Neptune in Pisces, 2015-2016, to present more of a challenge. The trine will be exact on October 10, and again on July 19, 2013.

Although Saturn and Neptune symbolize apparent opposites — control and surrender, materialism and spirituality, time and timelessness, pragmatism and idealism — Neptune’s tight conjunction with Saturn at the time of his discovery in 1846 (both at 25° Aquarius) is perhaps a sign that these forces want to be united for optimal functioning. Saturn without Neptune can get stuck in the prison of materialism — a world of fear, scarcity, and limitation. And Neptune without Saturn gets lost in “magical thinking,” inhabiting a wonderland of fantasy, naïvely trusting in positive outcomes without the discipline or will to actually create them.

scorpioSaturn’s two-and-a half-year transit through each sign brings into focus areas of life that require attention. Saturn, the “reality check” planet, makes painfully obvious what is and isn’t working and applies pressure so that we step up, take responsibility, and take action to come into integrity. Saturn in Scorpio sends us to the Underworld, teaching us the necessity of cleaning out our literal and metaphorical basements. If we have the courage to dig into and uncover what we’ve repressed, hidden, or otherwise banished to the subconscious, we’ll be rewarded with the Scorpio gifts of healing, transformation, regeneration, and rebirth."

This and more at Virgo Magic [LINK].

Thoughts? Because the notes on magickal thinking, which come through in my channeling sessions and readings, verses (or in conjunction..?) the pragmatic Saturn is a regular message. The bit on the "discipline or will to actually create them" is also informative.

Later in the post there are notes about strengthening intuition, emotional flow, and other helpful astrological insights that have also been recurring notes of late for me from my guidance, for self and for clients.

My wonder is on timing, as in crafting more practical magick to earth the energy in an immediate or as needed basis. A confluence of thoughts and feelings at the moment, which are worlds from which we all draw, high in the sky our ideas and inspirations, deep in the earth where the ancestors speak, and here on the walking road where the elements of life are ready to work in collaborative action for what we desire.

Are there pieces missing from this puzzle as I try to catalyze, craft with the invisible and tangible aid, insight, and action? More, how are the events of the social, economic, and political level affect this personal advance? I mean a lot of people in positions of power with their tails up and stingers poised with personal venom towards those that are not in alignment with their own agenda. Does that not create ripples in our own creative pattern through the people and instances in our life, work place, and the market in which we place our craft?

Is considering these influences invitation into co-creation or does one need to back down a bit and look at the more mundane matters with the magickal eye?

Wonder and wonder, and practicality. Transforming desire into Will I pace into June.

Be well and thank you for following along...

~ Scott Instagram + Facebook + Twitter

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