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April Tarot Dailies Closed: Notes and No Contest

Scott K

Welcome back. Long time no post, I know but I'm happy to report that I have been busy with lots of work, mostly energy work. w00t. I am surprised and grateful how many people want channeled readings, Tarot, and Energy Session blending light and Reiki work to lift vibrations, create clarity, and activate purpose. My life has changed in such an awesome way!

I've posted the "round up" of the April Tarot dailies and

I coined the month of April, Earthing Vision and Power, meaning to bring the new years intentions and goal setting --which I hope are well under way for you at this point if you stuck with the progress and goal-- had a rhythm of manifesting, rooting, grounding and so empowering. For me that breaks down to the following statement:

January I set my intentions and goals, heavy month of falling into the experience of what it is I would like to manifest in my life. How did it feel, exploring the possibilities.

February became a month of connections. Linking vision to life, making changes that went from subtle to big. I moved that month and it happened to be one of the biggest and best changes I could have made for myself personally.

March for me was about becoming. Embodying the vision. Living it.

April Tarot Dailies

April then was a foundation month, squaring away a lot of things, firming up, affirming, getting into the rhythm with a steady ground. I offer to you the following images, snapshots from the album on my facebook fan page for The Sacred Other. By the way it is on that page that you can read the daily readings as well.


No Contest

The contest last month, as usual asked you to look at the Tarot Dailies from February and choose your favorite image, and message. Share it, like it, etc and you got extra points. I had two entries!

I appreciate those entries and to the person who won, you have had your reading by yours truly. (Winner chose to remain anonymous). It doesn't matter if it's 2 or 200, the effort to do a monthly contest with self-promotion and getting prizes squared away is a lot of work for little enthusiasm.

I will continue to post to the Sacred Other, things divinatory, creative and inspiring, and sum up the months in round ups while posting to instagram, Facebook and Tumblr, but this one aspect of the project just doesn't seem to work well for me.

Besides there is the "business" on the business side of things. I'll give elbow room to my more esoteric thoughts, personal rambles, art and such here.


May tarot readings for the day, for those who set out with a resolution or intention this year to achieve something in their life continues to post daily. It's my feeling that May is about expanding on the vision, what worked and what didn't, refinement, creating and seeking balance and equilibrium as we ground into the Taurus and Earth and look practically at where we are, how far we have come and how to build upon this, seeking what's next.

Join me.

Scott KS

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