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New illustrations in the works. What would you suggest?

Scott K

I spent the afternoon doing the tarot dailies for the week. Setting an afternoon aside to draw and write is becoming easier than juggling clients and marking out time to pull the cards each day. There's only so much time and I try to keep myself busy with the New Years intentions to build on my client base through TempleWell and still have time to eat, breathe and have a social life. My "action list" today looked modest: tarot, finish setting up room (it's been the thing to finish post move, but the last since it was the least public ally visible). Anyway, cards and cleaning I only had the strength for some notes and sketches for some new drawings.

I'm working up some element sketches, drawings to inspire Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and the Gods. I do a trinity of Male, Female, and Spirit. I'd love your feedback if you have a minute. When you think of these aspects of the magickal world, what comes to mind?

Obviously I want them to be neat, interesting, and inspiring so that the art will be effective, and useful. I patterned some of the sketches off of glyphs and the movement of the elements but I'm only one man, of many people, who have a variety of takes on the elements. I can't please all, and I have my own way to work things but what would you suggest?

Each piece will come out of a magickal space, focusing on each of the elemental planes, and deities, but I'd love your insight.

How do you think of the correspondences and deities? How do you work with them? Anything else to add?

Turning in to watch the sunset with a glass of wine and Game of Thrones.

Best, Scott KS