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My interview with Alan Mercer is up on his blog. Most amazing time I've had being interviewed, most times I'm bugged out by electronic recording devices, specifically cameras, but Alan made the whole process fluid and amazing.


Readers Choice Awards

I'd love your votes for the "Best Intuitive Artist" award 2013 from It appears that I remain in first but I appreciate your continued support! Vote below...


Readers Choice Award As you will note in the photo above I've been nominated for a Readers Choice award at Can you say deeply honored? Yes. My art and work is in the running for this years title spot and I'm wowed, excited, and a bit nervous, but ultimately floored that I have made it to the top-5!If you are interested, and I know you are *smile*, you can find out more at where they have featured my profile as finalist in the Intuitive Artist category.

  • Nomination Profile [LINK]
  • Vote Here! [LINK]

I want to express my deepest gratitude to Phylameana lila Desy for hosting this award at, and providing the platform to showcase and expand all of the contestants services and work.

Win a Tarot Card + Book Set here!

In honor of all the love and support I have received I created a monthly contest based on the daily Tarot. It's easy! Geesh! There are only FIVE DAYS LEFT to ENTER AND WIN!

  1. It's easy, visit this [LINK], vote via rafflecopter
  2. View the tarot images here on Facebook [LINK]

Chances to win each day. Everyone who enters will have a chance to win a grand prize at the end of the year!

"For All The Love . . . That is Devyn :)"

Boosting the signal for my friend and her daughter to help raise some funds to continue her schooling. Delia is a deeply creative, amazing woman, on a mission.

"My daughter attends a private school . . . a very good one and one that in the train of private schools is moderately priced for what it offers. She has been in the same school since pre-kindergarten and she is currently in the 10th grade. That circumstance is at risk due to my financial circumstances.

It's been said many times and statements similar have gone viral: 'when you buy from a small business [artist] you are helping to pay for dance lessons [tuition].

Many blessings! And thank you for your support."

~Delia Marsellos-Traister

I appreciate any help you can give to her FundRazr. As you have heard before every little bit helps, and it truly does. Tough economic times create difficult situations for everyone, and I think especially artists and creatives.


Thank you again for all your support.

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