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Updates: Nominations for the Readers Choice Awards and More!

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Heads up!I've got a lot on the plate this month so I'll try to keep this update concise. Here we go...Readers Choice Award As you will note in the photo above I've been nominated for a Readers Choice award at Can you say deeply honored? Yes. My art and work is in the running for this years title spot and I'm wowed, excited, and a bit nervous, but ultimately floored that I have made it to the top-5!

If you are interested, and I know you are *smile*, you can find out more at where they have featured my profile as finalist in the Intuitive Artist category.

  • Nomination Profile [LINK]
  • Where you can vote for me: [LINK]

I want to express my deepest gratitude to Phylameana lila Desy for hosting this award at, and providing the platform to showcase and expand all of the contestants services and work.


My Interview with Alan Mercer
This Monday, March 11th the luminous Alan Mercer is spotlighting "yours truly" on his blog and facebook page, highlighting the energetic and spiritual aspects to my practice.I worked and learned with Alan Mercer at the National Holistic Institute, where I discovered his down to earth, powerful touch, and ability to keenly perceive the essence of others.I was very nervous about my first professional interview, even if I was sitting with a friend, but I quickly forgot any nervousness as soon as we began. Alan is a natural in conversation, alight with purpose, and as at home behind the camera as he is across the table, coffee in hand.

Amazing day. I can't wait for Monday!

Thank you again Alan for the interview and photos, I look forward to that post with heart felt thanks.

  • Tune in Monday at Alan's blog [LINK]
  • Subscribe to his Facebook Fan Page: [LINK]

Thank you everyone for tuning in, following along, and especially for your support.

Art (above), "Untitled" for the American Red Cross ~ Scott K Smith.

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