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Tarot Readings - How To: Daily Readings

Scott K

Feb 19 - Year of the Lovers - Queen Cups + 10 Swords I had set an intention this year to change things up at The Sacred Other and expand on the Tarot and Divination blog posts and thoughts. In the past I've done Tarot Weekly's, Lunar Tarot Cycles, and I continue to offer the Tarot Dailies through the Sacred Other Facebook fan page.

This year I thought to bring various styles of Tarot Spreads and methods of readings. My first post this year was on preparing for a reading. You can read that post here [LINK]. Part of doing any sort of reading, for me, is preparing myself and my space so that the energy and environment is right for receiving messages. (I didn't receive that gig, the vessel wasn't right).

This month with the full moon bright and clear in the Los Angeles sky, air crisp, and coming home from a walk with my little familiar Miss Trixie, I thought I would focus on the Daily Tarot readings I've posted on Instagram and the Facebook page.

Daily readings are one of my staples for picking up on the tone of the day by reviewing and expanding the intuitive messages I am receiving and exploring the potential interactions right from the start. 

Starting the day right is important to most people. For me that means meditation and connecting to my source. The Tarot is part of this process for me providing key insights, deepening the process of contemplation and opening the door to better a better understanding of my path that day. Mind you I don't "fortune tell" but divine information, so the cards are not telling me what will happen in a day but show influences, tides, energies that are active and I am working with.

Daily Tarot Readings

Whether you are young or long in the tooth to the Tarot, a daily tarot practice is a way to build your connection to your cards and fashion a connection to your inner world.

The Tarot is a mirror to the soul.

You may already do a daily divination, with or without Tarot, but I would like to offer my personal journey as a reflection. Consider this my contribution to open a forum and create a bigger picture. Adding to the dialogue shared Tarot readings open doors to further insight, and I'll post about that later but for now, my take.

I recommend a space set aside for your practice but I realize that this isn't functional for everyone. You can keep a cabinet, nightstand or shoe box that you can store your things in. To be honest you don't need much, a deck of cards, a cloth only used for readings (IMO important), and a journal, pen or pencil, and possibly a candle if that suites you. My altar is my Tarot space and I have the blessing of a house that appreciates what I do so my space is multifunctional. Whether you have that or not, do not be discouraged, you can take out and put away your cards for a simple morning ritual and meditation on the Tarot.

However you roll with your morning divination this is my basic process:

  1. Set aside the time. If you only have 5 or 10 minutes, that is enough. I prefer a long hour to meditate and write but that's not always possible. Sometimes I pull a card and take my journal with me, or my smart phone and write my thoughts out on the go between meetings or between errands. The important thing is to make time to write. 
  2. Give an offering of prayer or a devotional to your source, whatever it may be. I find that connecting to something greater within me, or beyond me, is important because a sound center needs a bigger picture.
  3. When you have established that connection, shuffle the cards. Don't think too much about it if you are doing this for the first time. If it helps I choose to shuffle the cards four times, for me the number equates to "foundations."
  4. I put the deck down, with my left hand I split the deck to the left and the card on the top of the right hand pile is the card for the day.

Daily Tarot readings might include more than one card. I prefer one to three cards, generally sticking to one but allowing for "jumpers," or cards that fly from the deck, and intuitive flashes that tell me to pull more cards.

Keep a journal, title, date, list the card and deck. Be as decorative or simple as you wish. The Tarot journal can be separate or part of your daily diary, and I like to consider the message in the evening or the following day. What happened? How accurate was the reading? Did I miss something? What did the cards reveal? Was it different from what I initially detailed. This kind of review will help you to expand the meaning of the card.

When looking at the meaning of the card I like to put books, literature, and websites about the Tarot aside. I let my first impressions be my guide in a free-flowing script of thoughts that create the overall definition of the card I pulled that day. What does the image remind me of? How does it feel? There is a story there in each card and I let my imagination flow.

I also consider color, the number of the card because numerology plays an important role in the Tarot, and the element, or if the particular card is of the major or minor arcana. When I began learning the Tarot the amount of  written information was overwhelming. It wasn't until later that I put down the books and allowed my own inner wisdom to light the way (I came back to books later but I needed my intuition and method to evolve). If you are just starting out I wouldn't worry about these parts of the Tarot at first. Allow yourself the time to soak in the information as you receive it, look up the various descriptions later. It starts to get really interesting when you find similar answers. The point as I see it when working with the Tarot as a mirror of the soul, or a daily growth reading is to build your awareness and strengthen your intuition so that you can look at a card or spread of cards and see the "story" as it unfolds before you.

This is my basic framework and there is much more you could do to add to the process, definition or details of the daily reading. Consider your timing, schedule, and how you run your morning.

Most importantly, enjoy the process. In my opinion if you come at it analytically you are going to miss a large part of understanding the Tarot, called "Keys" for a reason as they unlock your inner wisdom. Loosen up, get some joy out of it, allow for wonder and imagination. Look for your higher wisdom, your deeper understanding, and the imaginative child within you.

May your insights and intuition be revealed.

You can view the Tarot Dailies I draw each morning on:

Remember I have a contest after each month to pick your favorite Tarot card and message from the previous month. Last months winner won the revised Tarot of the Spirit Deck! You could win something too! Subscribe to one of the social profiles above, follow along, like and share and stay tuned for the next give away!

Be well,

Scott KS

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