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Contest + Roundup - January Tarot Dailies

Scott K

Year of the Lovers / Tarot Dailies

And notes on a contest too!

Here's your opportunity to vote for your favorite image and win a custom photo print and reading. January's give away is a new copy of the Tarot of the Spirit, tarot deck!

If you are just tuning in I began a personal quest to make some big changes in 2013. On the Winter Solstice of 2012, I did some journey work and to honor the time with quiet contemplation. I hadn't intended a new journey but during my inner work I found myself expanding out and seeking a new level of crafting something up for the new year.

You can call that a new years resolution. It wasn't really time yet but I got a good round feeling of where I wanted to be in 2013. I found a new direction and made plans to begin on January 1st with snapshots of the Tarot for each day and notes from the message I received each morning.

I've wanted to do a contest at The Sacred Other for some time now and this seemed like a perfect opportunity to begin. I also wanted to detail my progress in manifesting that vision into reality.

Over the course of the January month I received the following insights and shared them with those following along.

Life's binding situations are opportunities to go within and get in touch with the Spirit, the inner light. Binding is often a means to reach a deeper state of awareness. In that inner place discover the vision of what you seek to do.

Go out and journey on this with the vibration close to heart and carry that feeling so that in each day you can find the resonating circumstances, the next step on the path. Be the vision, live the vision, become the thing you wish. 

Creatively the images and meditations serve to keep me on track while sharing. Being as practical as possible, the notes and commitment to the hour or so that it takes me to meditate, ask questions, and build on the energy of the goal for 2013 keeps me focused and grounded on the process. Pictures provide visual references. Words detail the message.

Get the vision but do the footwork.

There are 31 days of images and notes about the process. Sharing the experience I get great feed back and questions, 'Likes' and re-posts on social sites like Tumblr and Facebook.

Tarot Dailies for the Year of the Lovers are below, but you can follow along via the following links.

Contest: Win a deck of Cards, Tarot of Spirit!

TarotofspiritJanuary's prize is a new deck of cards! The Tarot of the Spirit has been one of my go-to decks for years. It was part of one the most transformative practices in my life, committing to meditation and the Tarot, and over a period of six-year I learned the cards through meditation and direct revelation as I attuned to the message and went out into the world to meet it, each day.

As I said I wanted to get a contest going here at The Sacred Other so here are the details on how you can enter and what you can win.

In the coming months I will be offering 11 more giveaways. Each different, fun and exciting. At the end of the year, if you've followed along I will offer a chance at a grad prize (to be determined) to readers.

How to enter

That's the easy part. Each month I'm going to list a new drawing with questions about the Tarot Dailies for the Year of the Lovers. Enter the drawing through Rafflecopter, sharing adds entries, and over seven days increase your chances of winning by sharing, liking, and tweeting!

Contest runs from February 4th, 2013 to February 18th, 2013. No more, no less.


Enter the give away ONLY at Rafflecopter

The Sacred Other - Year of the Lovers January Give Away

[Optional LINK:]

I will announce the contest winner on the FACEBOOK page and contact the winner for an address to mail the prize.

I hope this finds you well. Thank you for following along, liking, and sharing. It is appreciated more than you know.





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