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Manifesting: prepared to pour but is it the right the vessel to receive?

Scott K

library-atrium-up The last month for me has been full of messages about being connected to my source and then being ready to share that connection through the passions of my life: Art, healing, and divination.

It's easy to see every opportunity that comes to me as a potential to expand on the energy of new year intentions, but the question, in light of recent events which I will detail shortly, becomes can I learn to recognize the right opportunity?

If energy is a flow, is every vessel right for what we are a creating?

ace of cupsIn the Tarot cups represent the watery element of life but in this moment I'm getting the message of "vessel." What we pour ourselves into, what we put our energy, and feeling into is it "right" for what we are trying to manifest with regards to a new years intention?

It's the Year of the Lovers, and love is in the tarot suit of Cups.

This last month was busied with "interviews," something that I hadn't thought to be a contender in, but in Los Angeles it seems everyone has a potential for the position, young and long in the tooth.

I found myself at a place doing readings for an owner, her partner, and a fellow healer/reader, but in spite of my exactness, and the length of the interview process, three readings and a month of waiting, I didn't get the go ahead that I was anticipating.

Love the center, good stuff and staff, but a niggling feeling said there was something else. In spite of this I powered through the process to end up with a response of "We didn't connect to your readings." Read I gave names, timeline, conditions, and methods of treating those conditions, people, spirits associated, etc.

I was told that I would get a call back at the new week. My experience in that process from confirmation was that I nailed it. Lifting. Yes... of course.   The result wasn't expected.

I didn't get a call, I got an email after I sent one that said, they wouldn't take me. Later on Craigslist, there was a more specific post, in the wrong posting field, that they didn't want everything, 'just a reader only.'

The owner of the particular shop said Spirit would give the final answer. I got that it was perfect but that I would bring new light and business to the House (name withheld). This was post happy dance, hugs, and asking me when I could start coming in.

If you had this much exactness and encouragement wouldn't you think it was the right vessel for what you do?

It wasn't.

I got the email that morning and felt a little heart-broken. Maybe if I hadn't had such an encouraging response (happy dance, hugs, thumbs up, 'when can you star') I would have had a different expectation but in the end I felt a sense of betrayal.

Yes the cards I pulled that day were the ten of swords. AKA, blind sided.

Meditated. That's always the best way to start a morning, and got, "The vessel is not equipped to receive your gifts."

I got a follow-up response, asking for more on classes but in my heart I knew that what I expected (based on what I offer) and  the experience was not equal. They didn't have the space to receive the light I offered.

I'm writing this post because I think you may have experienced this. I feel like I found a great place to expand, not only my work, but in conjunction the work of others. The light was there but the person in charge said, "no."

I wonder, in light of how much we can envision, how much of limited vision played a part in the choosing.

The important message was the vessel. I realize and accept the bigger answer. That's a granted understanding. This is what meditation brings, this sort of enlightenment. I see the bigger path, and through that choose differently. What digs, is the "limited."

In a world of potential, how do you take in the limited?

With all due respect to the depth of your own cup, and feeling understanding in my situation, how do you take in the word "no."

And... what do you do next? Is the vessel of your choosing large enough to receive your craft?

I love your perspective.


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