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Tarot: Year of the Lovers

Scott K

Kylie Minogue - All the Lovers As you know I'm a tarot enthusiast something more of an apprentice, not a master, and more of a journeyman. I draw cards for insights on lots of subjects in my life. The tarot is an invaluable divination tool when applied to spiritual growth and unlocking deeper meaning to events in my life.

My personal achievement is documented in two personal journals over a six year period between 1994 and 2000. I misread some instructions and meditated on each card, suits ordered Fire, Waster, Air, Earth, Major Arcana card by card until I "got" the meaning intuitively. The instructions asked me to spend a few days on each card and complete my notes to receive the message of the imagery. In my enthusiasm to put the book aside and unlock doors to understanding I failed to get the exact instructions and I ended up documenting a journey that took me from Newark, California, through Guatemala, back to San Francisco, and then to New York City with the cards as my guide.

I could have done it in less time but in the end the journey was much more valuable to me than a fast track through the deck of keys. Each card had a very personal meaning, each meaning expanded to encompass a broader message. I would not take back that misunderstanding, it is one of a few, real transformative spiritual processes that has shaped a large part of my view of the world.

Last year, up until was yanked by domain sharks (because of another whoopsie on my part), I had taken the cards in hand through the lunar cycle to flesh out the meaning of some of the energies last year. Influences that were more substantial to the healer, the mystic, the artist to understand the process leading up to and through the "shift" that everyone supposed was the meaning of the Mayan calendar; which I did not believe had anything to do with end times or ascension. No... I believe as I do now that this was a process of waking to my responsibility as a human being, and being my passion, not just writing about it.

From the Fool to the Hermit, becoming the light of awareness, and shining that light back out into the world, returning as a healer, and teacher. This I called the Tarot Cycle.


This year, as always, I wanted to continue to include the Keys to Awareness as part of my evolving journey. The tarot is as versatile as the  mind that wields and deals them and my goal in 2013 is to continue the exploration of the Tarot on new levels.

I began this year with a daily draw. Well that's not quite correct. On the solstice I performed a series of meditations, an intensive if any process could be called one, where I sought out the energies I wanted to manifest in the new year. The solstice for me was about clarity, I wrote about that here [LINK].

Once I had the internal "all clear" I began with a heart-centered build up of the most appetizing and attractive words that would describe my new year goals. Feeling is the baseline to the song of manifestation and so I think that crafting a new metaphor for where I would like to find myself in the new year requires some deft wordsmithing to create the right tempo and temperature for my new years song. When I had this I knew next where to go.

Year of the Lovers

Pamela Eakins, author of the Tarot of the Spirit, the deck I used to explore the tarot in my long walk meditation, authored a note on the new years energy, 2013 is the year of the Lovers. 2 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 6. Key six in the Tarot is the Lovers card.

Pick your song for that card, I'm sure you can think of one -and that will be telling about what you are going to put into the focus. I'm still waking up each morning with Kylie Minogue's, All the Lovers, most fitting tempo for my goals, in my head. It's Venus, it's love. It's luscious and if I'm manifesting it's going to be like the Empress, full bodied, rich, luxurious, and wonderful from the heart through the mind and down into my toes.

Using meditation to get into the groove of the feeling of what I want to manifest, the tarot then becomes the path for me where I find the parts of the process to make it happen. A living book of being through divining the flow and force of what I want to embody and achieve.

The first three days of the cards I have pulled a repeated message of stillness, brought to you by the Hanged Man, to immerse myself in the mystery, and through this immersion find the glow of insight from my personal connection to the spiritual.

This year I am posting daily cards to a few sources, depending on what you like to follow. I'm on Facebook, and I want to thank you again for the every growing "likes" from fans of the journey. Facebook fan pages add one of the easiest means for posting clips, notes, questions, and polls. You can also find me on Instagram, amid a smattering of other photo posts, at least at the moment while the format allows for some privacy.

Links for Lifencompass / The Sacred Other

I present to you the first three cards I have drawn so far this year...

Follow along by pulling the cards yourself. Alternately you can draw your own cards and share with the group your experiences with this year, your goals, and how you are approaching them. I love that interaction!

It's the year of the Lovers, that requires some sharing. Bring it over to the group.

The Tarot at The Sacred Other

On the blog herself I want to switch things up on the lunar cycle. Instead of providing divination in the form of "readings" about things, which tends to be rather grand because of the various things involved, I'm going to offer up various styles of spreads, and how I use the Tarot.

Expect that on the new moon.


It's the start of the journey but as you can see the intentions for filling in the frequencies, and some fun with my camera, have crafted some good messages and fun images. I welcome you to join me here on the blog or wherever you can find me on the web.

Other exciting news is in the works. I think I finally found a place to spin some energy and do some readings over here in Los Angeles. As they say, "details forthcoming."

I leave you with Kylie.

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Breathe, I know you find it hard but baby breathe. You'll be next to me, it's all you need. And I'll take you there, I'll take you higher, higher, higher higher!

Be well,


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