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Lifencompass... erm, I mean TheSacredOther

Scott K

Well... It  seems like I am back online. There is a LOT of work to do here at Lifencompass. The new URL is If you haven't been following a long on the facebook page, I was unknowingly victim to Domain Sharks. These people are pretty low in my book, they took a site that meant nothing to them and everything to me, and are now asking a minimum bid of $2,500.00 for the url.

Low, scum bag low.

Anyway, I survived as did Lifencompass. The content belongs to me and those I hosted for. I wanted to drop a quick note in here to let everyone know I am back online and that I have a LOT of clean up to do, everything seems a mess here, and I'll do my best to put things back together again, back to the original intent.

At this point all the broken links and files have been made private and archived. When I said it was a mess, I meant it. Nothing was connecting right. I'm also removing all tags and redoing the whole thing, simplifying in categories that are more user friendly.  If you are looking for something that was previously posted and would like a copy I can have it within a week, pdf format at best. :)

Random posts on random things... *poof!* no more. Getting more focused and taking in that solstice clarity to make that happen.

Updates and such to come, I'll keep you posted.

With love,