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I'm in the eye of reaching for graduation from the National Holistic Institute. In the final stretch of the program and loving every last minute of it. I feel bad that I haven't posted in some time and I want to bring together some thoughts for Lifencompass but I find myself unfocused on the writing but fully committed to the journey. I am graduating on November 6th, 2012. *yay!*

It isn't as tho I have lost my focus but, as previously mentioned in "Glorifying Busy" I am intensely focused on completing this achievement for myself and having the time, outside of actual downtime (I'll mention sleep in a minute) I've been so focused I need my rest.

Last night I woke at 3:45 am, unfortunately thinking it was my time to wake up. Not. This is typical as I have my final coming and I tend to meditate on the goal unintentionally while I am at rest. After years of focus you would think I could focus on some rest but I am driven to succeed in this and so the back burner is fixed on that passage. A light always burning if you will. The street light outside my window that is always on was shining through my window so I covered my head in trying to shut it out. Catch some last few hours of sleep and then get to school with a bright eyed focus.

My eyes cracked open when some natural part of me realized that it was brighter than my usual morning. I think the change of season / light has been confusing anyway but I hadn't realized how long I had slept. This was partnered with an awesome feeling of having actually, deeply, slept, which felt amazing by the way, and that I was actually late for class.


Rather than rush I took my time. My "get er ready" in the morning is short, if I don't spend long meditating. Meditation is usually about 20 - 30 minutes so I had to sacrifice this to shave off some minutes from the hours I need to graduate from school. Massage is all about the education hours so I have to consider any tardiness as a loss of time.

"Eek," again.

By the time I was out the door I was already late. Traffic on the 101 freeway this morning, actually for several mornings, has been the imagined nightmare of Los Angeles driving, so I was stop and go for almost 45 minutes. Mind you that's 11 miles...

I made it to school, listened to some NPR, and meditated when I parked and cruised into class just in time for lecture and fill in.

It seems like everyone is busy and I'm trying not to make that my vehicle as elections, graduation, and life fill up my time. I am still holding the focus on purpose and not busy so I am engaged and living but let me tell you, I miss the days when I had the time to write and fill in the space with philosophical thoughts and creative ideas.

Those days, at least for now, are in the past.

Things are still in the process and I've had to make some decisions to cut some things. Unfortunately "Explore the Tarot" was one of them but the seeds are out there regardless of the expectation and the work on that class has become a bit of a book that I am working on. Maybe it's something I can turn to with more focus later and make it happen in a more concise way or greater intent.

Just wanted to check in with you and let you know what is happening on my end.

With love,


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