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Journey Journal: "I am blessed"

Scott K

When I say this I mean this in the most grounded sense of the word. I am blessed.

Things may not go the way that I want them, timing may be off, and bills might pile up but I am really blessed because I recognize where what I have comes from, and what I do, re-connects.

Blessing is in knowing I am connected, it's reciprocal in the meaning because I connect to the circle of what was, is, and will be as best I can and I feel that reward. Who prepared what I ate, who the food came to me, and how it is prepared is a perfect example of the path I am on at the moment. I may not be "the best at walking this road" but I make the most conscious effort that I am capable of and I do not fault myself for it. I know that I am not static, that I will grow and learn, and so there is no reason to beat myself over the head with critical self thinking.

I have created room to grow... and so I allow for that child within me to learn.

I am blessed not because I am chosen, special, or exemplary but because I respect all my relations and build with those who respect that natural law -- we are all part of the same fabric of life. I am blessed because I have had the opportunity to see those who are disconnected and I have grown to understand it is not my place to change them, but to lift them so that they have the opportunity to see that connection. I do not expect them to awaken. I do not expect anything, I only love that truth (one of many, no singular truth but love of many truths) and so it is effortless, even giddy in the giving because it does not cost in the effort. In fact these acts fill me at the core because in the service I am made full.

Some say that reality is an illusion, "Maya," but for me, it is not.

Life is fabulously full of rich nutrient things that give experience, feeling, joy, meaning, and sense through senses. Our perception is a glamour, and when we do recognize that perspective as the "Maya," we are freed. That freedom is not some sudden loosening, the un-hinged human, it is the real deal. Eye opening.

Recognizing that we are creators of perception and experience; and life, is life, she still exists and is the warp and weave in a subtle agreement with what we choose to experience.

That experience, in this way I believe is our choice.

That's the real deal and I am blessed.

- Scott


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