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Article Excerpt: Can Massage Therapy Reduce Headache Occurrence?

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Massage for Headaches Originally posted at the Institute for Integrative Healthcare StudiesBy Linda Fehrs, LMT"Did you know there are approximately 200 kinds of headaches? The International Headache Society has listed them all but, to make it a bit easier, they have also broken them down into three main categories: Primary, Secondary and Cranial Neuralgia/Primary Facial Pain/Other. Learn about which ones can be helped by massage therapy and which may need a different kind of intervention."

"Massage therapy in and of itself is not a cure for headaches. It can, however, help to reduce their occurrence, their frequency and their intensity. Determining what type of headache a person has is the first step in deciding what massage techniques can be used. This needs to be diagnosed by a doctor. The client who says he or she had been having migraines for years, may actually have deep sinus headaches or trigeminal nerve pain. Many individuals who experience regular headaches do not tell the doctor about them and self medicate based on what they have read or what friends tell them. Symptoms can often be similar among sufferers of varying types of headaches. Always make sure the client has a definitive diagnosis before proceeding with massage designed to alleviate headache pain."

View the full article at the website for the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies [LINK].

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