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Two Reminders: Art & Divination

Scott K

Hi. Hi. Hi. Just two short reminders as I'm busy for the week:

Explore the Tarot Class:

Experience a Deeper Meaning to the 78 Keys of Wisdom!

This starts in just about two weeks.

I know you’re excited…  

This will be a meditative journey, daily or weekly contemplation, with a shared exploratory process of intuiting the meaning of the cards, journal writing, and then sharing the experience to expand our understanding of the cards collectively. You can read more about the class here [LINK] or visit our Facebook page below.

Join now at the Explore the Tarot Facebook Group!

Call For Submissions:

Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon10632_169198418280_3883071_n An Anthology of Poetry, Verse and Artwork for the Modern Era Pagan

Edited by Morganne de Raven

I really hope you can join in with this leg of the journey. I've sent out several private emails and posted, re-posted, and posted again about this anthology. Super excited. Diddling with my pens and paper daily to get some great images for the book.

If you are a writer, poet, or feel inspired to add more art and words to the world please take a look at my past entry [LINK] at Lifencompass for more details and how to submit your art.

Super busy month ahead and it hasn't even arrived. Two volunteer events through my school and Reiki galore!  

As we awaken, our life experiences can begin to manifest themselves as a true hero's journey, as an upward quest that leads us inevitably into direct experience of the spiritual realms. Those who have already achieved this know that this journey becomes possible for us only through the doorway of the heart.

It is through this gateless gate that we, as individuals, can personally experience connection with unlimited power and a godlike mind...

The paths that we take through life are the vehicles through which we awaken. So as each of you proceeds on with your life, growing, increasing, and becoming more, please take these thoughts with you ... with my gratitude and my warmhearted aloha."  

From, "The Journey to the Sacred Garden," Hank Wesselman

Love, hugs, and chat with you soon.


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