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Explore the Tarot Class: Experience a Deeper Meaning to the 78 Keys of Wisdom!

Scott K

177502_476519362360615_892655771_o1-300x300 In less than 30 days we'll start the Explore the Tarot class. The first lesson is already formed and looking for some teasing out, expanding the message. I think you will like it, it and the second leg of the journey form the FOUNDATION of this class setting up how we will progress and opening the inner door to the meaning of the Tarot.

We're going to go beyond "this card means 'X' because historically that's what it means," and into a personalized definition of the cards; with collaborative examples from the people involved! Meanings expand!

September is just around the bend. This class will take you deeper into the meaning of the Tarot through your intuition. The Tarot are "Keys" that unlock the door of knowing. What you learn will open the pictorial meaning of the cards and allow you to get access to your own inner knowing of what the cards mean in relation to your life and those you will read for.It isn't a short journey or an easy achievement but when the doors of the Tarot open, and you have traveled the deck, you will never again pick up a deck of cards and fumble at any meaning. 

What you will need

Here is a small list of things you will need.

  • A standard deck of Tarot cards. I love diversity of art, but in this instance we are collaborating to find meaning in the 78 card stack. Wands, Swords, Cups, Pentacles or Discs, four court cards and 21 Major Arcana cards. If you deck has extra cards, these you can use on your own personal exploration with the method I’ll provide you.
  • A journal of some sort. This can be a paper or digital journal but something for yourself, to record the information you receive while working with your cards, and if you choose notes from other participants.
  • A Facebook account. Obviously if you are already on our Facebook page Explore the Tarot, you have an account already but if you are thinking about participating in this exploration and are not part of our online community on Facebook, you will need an account. Here we will posts thoughts and excerpts from our own experience. We share in a private group forum in this way so that we can learn and teach, find the collaborative message. Many of you from the Tuesday Night Tarot Chat group will recognize the value of this approach.
  • An email address to connect with you outside of Facebook for updates and notifications.  

I know you're excited... :)

Join now at the Explore the Tarot Facebook Group!

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