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Tarot Cycle Forecast - The Chariot Aug. 17 to Sep. 16 2012

Scott K

Previously, on the Tarot Cycle...

We left the Fool on his journey towards old wise Hermit, he or she met the lovers: 

"The Lovers create a triad of energy with our self, our authentic self, and the bliss energy that is generated when we embrace the call to emerge. This generates love, a third energy and as we know all good things happen in threes. The power of the Lovers is speaking to us in saffron tongues and rose-colored lips, words of beating hearts whispered into our ears. They throw their arms around our shoulders in a kind embrace, speaking to us  about our relationships.

In the shuttered light of the Hermit’s path the Lovers asks us about our relationship to our bliss. It is a card about the art and craft of relationships…

Full post here.

The evolutionary step of the Fool, in this part of our journey, is in finding a trinity, three parts to an energy that represented in a union between two with a third, spirit Love. Now enters the Chariot binding focus and will to the process. The honeymoon is over, a challenge of sorts presents itself now in this collaboration. 

The Chariot

The Chariot of Zeus (1879 illustration from St...

For the rest of August and into September we draw from the lesson and power of the Lovers and hopefully continue in that energy of unity.

This doesn't forecast that we will agree with everything thrown in our way or that we will understand with any implicit detail the messages we are getting. There will be disagreements as well as collaborations, but keep in mind the connection to something greater as you work your way forward. For me (personally) this comes through as a connection to a guide, as well as a deepening connection to a partner. See the number three there, Lovers.

For you this could be mirrored in a project you are passionate about and that drive adding energy to your relationships (project + relationship + self = three) or vice versus where two elements together are increased because of a third influence.

Elements of three are at play in the last lunar cycle. 

You are not on this path alone and even tho you may be driving your own cart, the Charioteer only has a means of influence, not a method of control. Control is an operative word, watch that in your life as we have sprung out of the Mercury/Uranus Retrograde and the happy union of Lovers (if you took the opportunity to join in with this energy last moon) and into a force of moving forward. Especially considering any planetary or social influences to do with boundaries, expansion, and the heart. A good translation for words like "mine, more, and me" into "ours, enough, and us," might serve you better. See them as benefic vibrations at this time, higher octaves of more personal desires. 

Look for movement out of any "stuck" situations through working with others (physical AND spiritual). Keep a balance between reining in to hard and letting the lead on your metaphoric chariot from going to slack. The horses at your command,which is the motion of energy that you have caught --bit like jumping on the horse-- is to send you on. I spiritual/emotional propulsion. This is not a controlled spirit, seeking to harness this untamed energy of life (our animal nature, Ki / energy) with heart not head. The impetus to crash through controlled situations needs to be observed to discern the nature of the drive. 

Through your working in the mythic forms of the Tarot you have achieved a level of agreement with some of the natural forces in your universe. A power of agreement and cooperation that allows you the skill to guide certain aspects of your life at this time. Careful of the will to push, snap the whip, drive forward, and instead look to the archetype of a horse handler, of indigenous people who formed deep emotional ties with the four-legged beasts they formed relationships with.

What you may have achieved might seem to be small, this fluidity and flow, but if we use the gift of the priestess and pan out, "dilate the minds eye," the gift will be apparent. It is a new form of the Trinity that we talked about in the Lovers, this time from a new perspective, as the power of three is revealed in the structure that they have created through the velocity of that energy of love, in whatever form it takes. Know your path, this time the cycle will accelerate you into a new level of interaction with others (potentially in a directly skill/craft related outreach).

Mind the cycle. Until next time.  

You can read more about the Tarot Cycle, my intent with the cards, and catch up with the full exploration at

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