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We all gather inspiration from somewhere. I'd like to give thanks to a few of my muses. Podcasts that take me out of my zone and into other places for new perspective. I think I've posted one or two of these links in the past or included direct linkage in various blog posts.

Regardless I've found a few others that I'd like to share and bring to the table, it's my way of giving thanks for constantly entertaining, thought provoking, learning, and occasionally laughing drive time.  I don't get paid for this, there is no "kick back" from the host or authors, I love them and I'm sharing with you.

This is all. :)

Without further adieu.

The Visionary Activist Show

230591_221649654514161_2737324_nFirst and above all you know I love the Visionary Activist Show. If you aren't in an area that get's the KPFA Berkeley (or affiliate) broadcast on Thursdays you can also tune in and boost the Coyote "Yip! Yip!" through iTunes. I'm usually with a client on Thursdays at that time so I download it and listen to it at home or while commuting between school, clients, and around LA.

"The Mythiological News Service for the Trickster Redeemer within us all. Trickster Medicine in myriad forms, one of which is The Visionary Activist Radio Show, of which I am the weaver of context, host, producer, for 15+years... public story telling, astrological readings for culture and individuals. WoofWoof.

Animating the emergent culture of reverent ingenuity. democratic animism. Magic = a willingness to cooperate with everything!astro*mytholoogical*political guiding meta-story-telling."

The latest show is on... "As we have out-sourced Saturn, leadership, to sociopathic ding-bats, so we have out-sourced Mars, energy, to compensatory hyper-yang. To help us in-source energy, at this gestational new Moon, Caroline welcomes the return of David Blume, author of "alcohol can be a gas," for a culture of sane, reverent ingenuity...

Archives are here:

Sounds True: Insights at The Edge

TamiSimonI get a lot of reading from SoundsTrue. They send me books to review direct from authors, often times before the book is on the shelf. I have two now that I am reading through, "The Laws of Love. Creating the Relationship of Your Dreams" by Chris Prentiss; and "Unifying Truths of the World's Religions. Practical Principles for Living and Loving in Peace" by G. David Lundberg. Any-who, this is about podcasts so I'll save the book reviews for later.

Insights at the edge are interviews with authors, mystics, spiritual folks and other up-and-coming people in the evolving field of alternative medicine, spirituality, health, and mysticism. I don't always love every topic but the conversation is almost always interesting. Available on podcast only, no radio show and you can find out more about the host Tami Simon and the show here:

The Standing Stone & Garden Gate Podcast

Ugh. I had to addend this entry to make it clear that this has swiftly become a very educational, "mm hmm, know what you are talking about" and "Oh I didn't see it that way" podcast.

I love it. I actually found it through the New World Witchery podcast (below) and I've been hooked. Very smart. 

The Standing Stone and Garden Gate and podcast:

New World Witchery

sidebar-image2Another new discovery, "a search for American Traditional Witchcraft." See, they already have you attention. Listened to a few podcasts and of most interesting subjects was stories and folk tails from Saint's and Saintly figures from St. Anthony to El Rey, or Elvis.

New World Witchery is a podcast and blog, so you can listen online or download at your convenience, links and such at their blog:


There's a few of my favorites. I also love the Splendid Table on NPR, the Herbal Highway and a few other podcasts. Have any favorites you think I might be interested in? Let me know! If I love them I'll post, give a shout out and send a link and a wink back at the author!

See you soon!



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