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Article: Two hospitals in Madrid apply Reiki to their patients with excellent results.

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Doctors and nurses at the October 12 offer classes in reiki. The Ramon y Cajal used this technique in patients with cancer. When Dr. Araceli García proposed in the 12 de Octubre Hospital, where he works as a pediatric surgeon, a talk on Japanese Reiki-therapy heals with his hands toyed with the possibility for a second that took crazy.

"But I thought I was introducing something that had helped me find better and took away the fear of rejection," he says. Is to channel the energy into a part of the body, placing his hands on. The talk by the President of the Spanish Federation of Reiki, John Curtin, was held in January and was a success. So much so, since the summer, over a hundred doctors and nurses have been trained in the hospital to give Reiki. "Reiki means universal energy," says Curtin. "It is a natural healing method is to channel energy into a part of the body, placing his hands on. Reiki does not cure itself, but strengthens our self-healing capacity. "

Dr. Araceli Garcia and see how their peers are applied Reiki to treat each other, such as headaches. "And some nurses with more experience, use it to help hospitalized children sleep," he explains. At the other end of Madrid, oncology patients Ramon y Cajal spent three years receiving Reiki sessions every Tuesday through partnership Alaia, dealing with terminal patients. Just this fall, the hospital has authorized an investigation into the effects of Reiki. "We found that this treatment has a beneficial effect on patients, so now we want to invest it more scientific, so we will carry out the project objective to try the favorable effect of this technique," explains the head of patient care, Carlos Martinez Luis Aguado.

The nursing section will be responsible for a study lasting six months and that the hospital hopes it will convince skeptics and spread Reiki to other medical areas. The introduction of natural therapies in hospitals to improve the health status of patients is an international trend.

In Madrid, the Complutense University receives from today until Sunday, at the Faculty of Medicine and the Hospital Clinico San Carlos, the Fourth Conference on the Control of emotions with Bach Flower Remedies for health professionals. For a few days, doctors do not talk about aspirin, but these flower essences that are listed as an option safe and very effective to deal with emotional disorders such as stress, phobias, insomnia or anxiety.

This important event, unthinkable a few years ago, is not unique to Spain. In hospitals and clinics across America, Reiki is beginning to be accepted as a significant and cost to improve patient care. "The Reiki sesones help patients heal faster and with less pain," says Marilyn Vega, RN Nurse Hospital Manhattan in New York.

Reiki accelerates the surgical recovery, improves mental attitude and reduces the negative effects of medication. This therapy is being increasingly accepted by traditional doctors.Vivendo hospitals are major changes. Need to reduce costs but also improve patient care.


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