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Divination: Exploring the movements in the Tarot Cycle of 2012

Scott K

Well, so much to bring together in the Tarot Cycle this year. I wanted to spend some time on the notes of the journey up to date. Thread a red string through the cards we've explored and bring it forward before we begin the next cycle. There are some interesting intuitions on the Tarot Cards that have come through in the readings and I'd like to break down the bigger message into smaller bites. A review for potential meaning. First, defining what the Tarot Cycle is for this year, and the reason we travel through the cards... This journey is a draw for continued spiritual growth through the Tarot, as a mirror of the soul. For those that have been meditating along with me, following the influences, thank you for sharing. I am taking notes. I am preparing to take this to a new level, entries like this help me to draw it all together.


Mm Yes! This is how the year began. I had a few things to say about the 2012'ers, and the epic misrepresentation of the Mayan Calendar for this year (as they did not "predict" the end of the world). I also wanted to clarify something that Donald Michael Kraig had mentioned on his Llewellyn blog about "Divination vs Fortunetelling," that what I do here, what I believe with the tarot, is not "telling the future" but an exploration of consciousness, and universal energies. Not that I personally believe that one can or cannot "tell the future" but I find that when I read what I receive is not the contents of an unknown fate but the hidden library of information within us, about us, and for our growth as conscious beings.

What is around the next bend of our being?

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

- Albert Einstein

This cycle of the tarot I’m going to focus on the Fool, moving through the first Eight paths of the Major Arcana and the message that they bring. This is the Fool’s Journey, I interpret this as an evolution, the awakening to the spirit in us all. We are The Fool and in any reading of the tarot you can see his or her interactions with the world through the people, and events great and small in the Major and Minor Arcana.

We begin with the Foolish Man in January, on the New Moon, the Lunar New Year. We progress through the next eight Major arcana, the personality archetypes, Magus, the Priestess, etc. Each new moon a new card, each card in the cycle draws a reading. Each reading is a step along the path to the Hermit, the wise one in the cave, or as I like to think of him, The Other or our spiritual otherness.


Tarot Cycle One will be a journey through the major Arcana of the Hermetic Tarot starting with the Magician and continuing to the Hermit. This is a harmonic path of seeking connection through inner knowing. Moving towards our wisdom keeper.

What I was seeking to write was a path into our own unique otherness, the hidden within us, and to call it out, he or she, to bring the light out of the cave of being and into the world we live.

More about that at the start of the Tarot Cycle in January.

I began with the Fool and moved through each cycle of the moon on the straight path of the Tarot, energy unfolding, asking myself to seek, to learn, to know, and to become. The Fool represents the seeker, or our wish to know our truth, our essential being through the mystical process. In my opinion the card represents the "us" that is about to embark, about to be transformed through the sacred use of ritual and the transformative nature of life. He or she also represents that moment where we leave the confines of known and enter the world in search of meaning. The Fool is our "I" or egoic self in certain senses who knows only "me" and "mine."

The Fool is our normal waking conscious self with a tickle in his or her being that says, "there is more than this."

The Fool encounters the Magus, the one who creates the space for the fantastic to occur. We were asked to use our ritual to connect the journey to the magickal. What tools do we have to create the transformation we want, the unlocking of the secret self and stepping along the ritual path to the great reveal. This happens with the shift of consciousness. Focus our energy, envision the future, craft with the energy we raise within the magickal circle that we cast and "make magick happen." The Fool, through the five elements of life and tho he or she may have started their path a long time ago by physically taking the steps, is prepared. The Magus initiates a different sort of journey that takes the adventurer out of their self and into the circle [of awareness] of a greater world.

On the third leg of our journey, the Priestess entered the picture. She asked us to expand our vision, "dilate the minds eye" The Priestess is the third passage in the sacred circle, the Fool has prepared and leaves the world he or she has known behind and entered the sacred, becoming the Magician. The Magus then follows the forms, creates the ritual space, calls upon the energy. Enter now the Priestess the music begins, horns, drums, dulcimer, smoke and light. She is the craft of knowing, of channeling, of being they Pythoness, the spirit speaking and being.

We become aware of our cosmic, or universal nature through the communication to the greater world that the Priestess offers. Afloat in a cosmic sea of consciousness, here we contemplate and expand.

The card turns as the moon wanes to dark and now enters the Empress, sister to the Priestess, beloved, Venus, she is the vastness and fullness of the sensual pleasure of life manifest. The energy risen and released is now celebrated, something is occurring even if we cannot see its form just yet like the mother full bellied and pregnant with life, knowing that there will be love, new life, trusting the senses and how they are speaking to her. The Empress represents our fullness of life, our sense and relationship to the natural world, the wisdom of our desire and our senses.

We have contemplated the vastness of creation, now we experience the sensual world and touch, feel, taste, smell, and enjoy creation / manifestation as it unfolds from seed to sprout, tree to mulch. The natural cycle, the laws of earth. What we experience is a direct result of our energy AND our interactions with the living world.

The Emperor come next in the Tarot Cycle. Before we had the laws of nature and now we have the laws of man, order, structure, management and leadership. What are your facts, what is your truth. What are your immutable laws?

This is the cube of our creation, our vision of the world through the structures we create, our holographic projection of reality, where we dance in our illusions of who we are versus the who we are, received by others.

How do we govern the life we live? It is taking leadership of our life by accepting responsibility for our actions, thoughts, words, and deeds. The Emperor is being the leader and all the benefits and pitfalls of that station (in our own life) that create the authoritative-vulnerability of the stately figure. The Emperor is taking action, being decisive, and going forward to rule now that he has received the insights and blessings from the Priestess and the Empress.

Now comes the station where where we stand now, as the moon is waning towards dark --a time to vision and seek-- and start to say farewell to the Hierophant (Pope) who has been the card for this months moon.

The Hierophant sets the Fool alight with the sacred fire of spirit. The Visionary doesn't just lead, he connects those around him to the spiritual fire through ritual... He guides through spirit as spirit guides. Could it be the same ritual that the Fool began with, the study that brought him along the path and created the experience up to now?

I am, with light. Then… yes, then, bring it back. Lessons from the magician, use your tools; Priestess, dilate your inner vision; Empress, birth it, bring it forward, embrace your pregnancy with possibility; Emperor, guide it, be wise in your joy for this new birth; and now be lite aflame and carry that light through yourself, channel in and down the vision, guiding and inspiring actions.

And now, share it, set the flame on the crowns of others and light their worlds with the holy spirit, the sacred flame, the cosmic fire, the magickal experience.

The moon goes dark, the wheel turns, and a new influence is on the horizon rising on the evening tides, the Lovers.

That is yet to come.


The Tarot Cycle

The Tarot Cycle is intended to demonstrate personal evolution using the Keys of the Tarot, in harmony with the lunar cycle, and displayed here at Lifencompass as an offering. I felt like this year of all years, was the perfect time to take initiative in my life and explain that journey in readings, poetry, art, and doing.

The Tarot Cycle is a reading but not a forecast of the “future,” the Tarot in this case are used as personal, alchemical, tools of transformation. Sign posts of influences and energies. I draw on the personal and the collective to create the monthly forecast, and it is encouraged to pull the monthly card and draw your own cards in a reading to see what influences you may be experiencing. Maybe you can see something in my tarot spreads but you will probably receive more if you likewise draw the cards and contemplate them. All things connected, lots of possibilities, I hope that my words and poetry inspire others to find within themselves the light, energy, and focus to light the way forward for their own self.

That is the Goal of the first part of the Tarot Cycle, The Hermit as an divine vision of BEing, I took out the word “Archetype” as it sounded too… stiff, finding our own inner light and bringing it out. Leaving the life we are expected to live and finding the life we are meant to live.


Thoughts, feelings, impressions or questions? Bring em I’m all ears, and I love active participation! You can begin, catch up, or follow along with the Tarot Cycle at this link:

Scott / The Sacred Other Art, divination, and healing.

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