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Journey Journal: Energy and Meaning

Scott K

Been rolling some of the things that the universe has thrown into my awareness in the last couple of weeks. It's a mishmash of messages, or a collective council of diverse voices on various subjects with a message I haven't quite assembled yet.

We must still be in deliberation.



Here's a little Saturday morning muse...


Note: If you are just jumping in on these Journey Journals, I tend to channel through my writing and focus on the ebb and flow of energies, the universal. The personal message is found within you, the notes here are observations. Details can be found by going inward with meditation, journal work, Tarot or another divinatory system.

On the microscopic, the local, the personal there is a motion in the emotional flow, a lift or a drop in energy. Not a loss or gain but a feeling of weight that is tangible. Weight that is lifting or descending. It may feel like a depression, or loss, while this feeling sinks in, or it can feel as if that sensation is suddenly relieved. However you notice it, relief or awakening, note the adjustment, the upward or downward flow, like getting pushed on the shoulders or your clothing adjusted by mom.

As this weight takes hold and releases, it has virtue, grounding is necessary and tho we may think we are load-stoned to the earth, there was a bit more than we needed. There might be people already sufficiently grounded and rooted, they are forerunners. Clapping.

Yes. So, look at energy sinking in, lowering, dwelling, and/or grounding. This might not be a "bad" thing, if you come at it from a different perspective, it's like rain that has been accumulating, and waiting for the right natural alchemy to fall.

Time to be whetted.

There may be some notes in your life journal that seemed unique or significant, but that didn't pin a meaning to the moment that they were happening. We may think, wow that was absolutely neat but what does it mean? Often lifts and depressions of energy have some sort of commentary and we derive some meaning for what is happening to us. 

Meaning isn't a convenience store item, you drop a dollar and so you have it, sometimes things are highlighted along the way so that when you look back those splashes of color which have dotted your path can come together through the power of hindsight to create a larger image. I think of it like those images created of hundreds or thousands of other images. Each snapshot was significant but the bigger "wow" of path comes into play later on down the road; when the diverse experiences collaborate into a big working idea that suddenly crystalizes into a focus.


I won't say forest through the trees. I won't say forest through the trees. *smile*

That we see the points on the path, well that's a good thing. there are sometimes moments in time where we feel more, and sometimes less, but see these times when the messages to notice comes in plenty because you are in the grove, feeling the points along the path. This is where you placed your hand to pull yourself up, that is where you stepped to carry forward in the climb, each a movement in the growing motion.

Did you imagine it might be different, this time?

Some notes from the week you might find interesting:

  • Pay attention to points of light in your day, what jumped, what stood out
  • Be mindful of your dreams they are giving you mental notes on emotional discharges (thank you Shannon)
  • Make no effort to hold the highlights. Little moments are significant in hindsight (see below, "Dream") keep your feet on the ground, and be focused on the flow of enjoyment. Where is the joy or groove in your path that keeps you in the focused state of movement?
  • Meditate and work your energetic systems, keep the flow moving crown to root / root to crown, keep the energy flowing in and out up and down. It's psychic calisthenics.
Meaning comes later, don't push it, your aware of the process but don't fudge the result by insisting on peaking ahead. You can't.


Then I heard your voice as clear as day, And you told me I should concentrate, It was all so strange, And so surreal, That a ghost should be so practical. Only if for a night

~Florence & the Machine

I had a dream and I'm posting it here because I think it underlies the point of how the living energy is flowing at the moment for me. Last Saturday Trixie, B and me went for a hike in the Los Angeles forest, we love the Switzer Falls area, a modest hike with a great reward at the end of the walk, water.


water-waveOn Saturday morning I woke with the fleeting memory of a dream that had certain standing details: A swiss army knife, a stick or wood, and a caterpillar. That morning we left for the drive and hike, picked up sandwiches and began the walk in the woods. About 1/2 way to the falls a woman, huffing and puffing up the path towards us stopped and asked if we had seen a swiss army knife. As you might guess I paused and my inner ears perked up. We hadn't seen it, but I made note.

At the falls where we were getting Trixie to play in the water, she's dainty about some things and for some reason water is confusing to her. Must be a little dog thing. Anyway, Brandon pointed to a large pile of wood at a staff and said, "Isn't that a staff about your size, like you are looking for?" (Wood). It was, I took it and brought it home with me after an offering to the forest.

On the way up the mountain -B's calling me Gandalph, I don't correct him, he's right LOL- I began to talk to B about the dream and wondered aloud at the potential meaning, I said, "the only thing we haven't seen is the caterpillar..." and moments later I almost stepped on it! There below me was the little critter. We took a photo, I put him on a bush out of the foot path.

There was no realization, no bolt of lightning out of the blue, no voice from the heavens. I think the forest was talking to us, but I couldn't find "meaning" as we like to expect. Sometimes I think there is a story, our story, lived. Sometimes I think I can focus too much on "the message" and miss a point, letting go, the meaning revealed in the Journey.

I look forward to the long view.

The Hierophant: The Tarot Cycle, This Month

This is part of the message from the Hierophant, being in the flow, taken hold of by the Spirit, getting beyond ritual through the ritual motions, the purpose of good traditional path-working and any system that provides us with gates to spiritual power and wisdom. We don't become "Authority" we become conscious, willing, participants.


Turn to your visionaries, your paths to awakening. I am. Start with meditation, prayer, turn to your guides or Gods, the spiritual family that has gone before us. Enter the ecstatic state through dance, trance, herb or sleep.

I am, with light. Then… yes, then, bring it back. Lessons from the magician, use your tools; Priestess, dilate your inner vision; Empress, birth it, bring it forward, embrace your pregnancy with possibility; Emperor, guide it, be wise in your joy for this new birth; and now be lite aflame and carry that light through yourself, channel in and down the vision, guiding and inspiring actions.

I am open to your interpretation.


The Tarot Cycle



The Tarot Cycle is intended to demonstrate personal evolution using the Keys of the Tarot, in harmony with the lunar cycle, and displayed here at Lifencompass as an offering. I felt like this year of all years, was the perfect time to take initiative in my life and explain that journey in readings, poetry, art, and doing. The Tarot Cycle is a reading but not a forecast of the “future,” the Tarot in this case are used as personal, alchemical, tools of transformation. Sign posts of influences and energies.

I draw on the personal and the collective to create the monthly forecast, and it is encouraged to pull the monthly card and draw your own cards in a reading to see what influences you may be experiencing. Maybe you can see something in my tarot spreads but you will probably receive more if you likewise draw the cards and contemplate them. All things connected, lots of possibilities, I hope that my words and poetry inspire others to find within themselves the light, energy, and focus to light the way forward for their own self.

That is the Goal of the first part of the Tarot Cycle, The Hermit as an divine vision of BEing, I took out the word “Archetype” as it sounded too… stiff, finding our own inner light and bringing it out. Leaving the life we are expected to live and finding the life we are meant to live. .


Thoughts, feelings, impressions or questions? Bring em I’m all ears, and I love active participation!


Scott / The Sacred Other

Art, divination, and healing.

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