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Tarot Cycle: The Hierophant, June 19 - July 19, 2012

Scott K

Our world and our lives have become increasingly interdependent, so when our neighbour is harmed, it affects us too. Therefore we have to abandon outdated notions of “them” and “us” and think of our world much more in terms of a great “US”, a greater human family.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama


We learn by living with one another speaks the one adorned in cloth, one who teaches us holy things.

He or she brings us the lessons out of the invisible and to the earth, they are holy to Taurus (and so Venus) and make the mystery manifest in their lives as beings of the mythic.

We move out of the Age of Pisces and "the one" and we move into the fantastic vibration of the collective, the many who are one.

The message

Receive your holy vision, the fire that alights upon us and in its brilliance makes things hole, or one with the sacred again.

The next leg of your spiritual journey begins this time it is inward to go outward...

The Fool began his or her journey out of the mundane and entered into the mystical (Magician - ritual, Priestess - Vision, Goddess and God - Empress and Emperor, the mother father). The Fool now leaves the stages of ritual, what brought us through the opening and gathering of energy and recognition of the universal powers and flings us through the center where the soul meets the over-soul, the fire of creation, they mythic landscape, entering the place where the true Journey begins.

From this going in and out the Fool is transformed, they return and don the vestments of the Shaman, Priest, or Holy Person.

Journey into Vision and embrace the transformation of consciousness. 

Journey Work

We move beyond pulling cards and into direct revelation. It's time to receive the messages we need from our source. My guidance tells me that it's a perfect time to light my spirit a flame and get into some solar contact, it is the Solstice. In some way unhinge the self and enter the visionary world through ritual, or through ecstasy, in some way reach the divine and be transformed. 

In some way it is time to seek the comfort of ritual and allow for the process to free us from the trappings of our world. In his new book, The Gates of Witchcraft, Twelve Paths of Power, Trance & Gnosis, Christopher Penczak describes the many ways in which we can reach the altered states of consciousness that are necessary to receive vision.

In the introduction he writes:

gates-of-witchcraft"There is a secret gate within you. There is a secret gate within me. There is a secret gate within us all, deep within our souls, though few know how to open it. We lack the key. The gate is latched tight, and gives entry to worlds unimagined by most. It holds powers and blessings we dream of in our books, but is closed, for access to those powers and worlds are not always a blessing. They come with responsibility and need awareness. So with some intuitive power, we have barred the door in an effort to protect ourselves and others until the time is right. 


Modern Witchcraft teachings have established various keys to the gate, drawing upon older material and looking at global cultures for new clues. They are generally divided into eight main techniques, known as the Eightfold Path, the Eightfold Way, The Eight Ways of Raising Power, or the Eight Ways to the Center. Alex Sanders, in The Alex Sanders Lectures, calls them the Eight Paths to Self-Realization.

(and later)

Many of  us, even experienced practitioners, learn all about spells and rituals, but they can often feel empty and devoid of meaning, for we haven't learned to access the deeps wells of power and wisdom in our own consciousness. Many of our teachings lack information on the eightfold, or perhaps twelvefold, paths to power, so we don't even know to look for the keys, to walk the path of personal gnosis. Gnosis, coming from the Greek, refers to not book knowledge of facts and figures, but personal spiritual revelation that can only occur when one interfaces with the unseen, walking through the gates of power. Gnosis is the foundation of all mystery traditions.

(Concluding the introduction he writes) When you know how to successfully do that [change your consciousness], you have all you need for the mysteries to open before you. You will be able to open any spiritual doorway and perform any magick you choose."

The Gates of Witchcraft, by Christopher Penczak.

The "Gates," covered in the book consist of Meditation; Breath Work; Sound, singing, chanting, prayer; Movement; Isolation; Intoxication with plant substances, entheogens, incense, etc; Sex; Pain such as ritual scourge or even tattooing and branding; Land, or place of power; Time, or recognizing the flow and ebb, knowing peaks and dips in energy cycles; Ritual clothing; and Dreams. It's probably one of the best reference books for exercises as almost anyone can find one or three (or more) ways to raise consciousness within the treasured pages.

In the meditation series Awaken Your Light Body with Sanaya Roman and Duane Packard, channeling Orin and Daben, we are brought through many shifts in consciousness, some of which I have written about, and taught ways through  meditation, transmitted energies, music, chanting and energy work to enter a visionary state and receive direct revelation with our source energy, guides and/or muses. This is powerful stuff!

photo (67)

Music can be used to enter deeper states of consciousness, in the practices of Sandra Ingerman and Hank Wesselman (Awakening to the Spirit World, the Shamanic Path of Direct Revelation, 2010 Sounds True) we explore the power of music in drum and rattle, even chanting. Again a practice as old as our species, and known to animals and insects everywhere, that shifts and alters our consciousness. I highly recommend Primeaux & Mike, almost any of their albums, particularly Peyote Ways.

That link will take you directly to their music on Spotify. 

Ultimately the point I am driving is go deeper, go higher, get connected, through ritual or repetition (breathing, drumming, etc) this practiced step that is designed to help us achieve a greater sight, to receive a vision of the bigger picture at this time.

I have my way of reaching this place and I am journeying up and out at sunrise tomorrow, in harmony with the solstice. I would love to hear your stories here at Lifencompass, and I invite you to share.

Embrace this time when the visionary state is more accessible to you, remember the vision or our spiritual elders, of one like Black Elk, who was given the gift of revelation. He was shown circles and circles of people and life all connected in a great web of relation at it's center the Red cottonwood pipe, bringing all people together...


Then Black Elk took the bright red stick and cast it into the center of the earth. The stick became a Sun Dance tree, a waga chun, a cottonwood tree. A peace pipe descended to the tree's base, spreading deep peace, and the people sang with delight. The daybreak star rose. Black Elk was told that the star would be as a relative to the people; those who saw it would see much more, because the star represented wisdom.

Black Elk was then shown his people over a great span of time, beginning with the time his people all walked in a sacred manner, following the good red road, camping in a sacred circle. A holy tree stood out sharply within the encampment's center. "Behold, a good nation, walking in a sacred manner, in a good land." the people sang. In time, however, the people broke into little groups and denominations, each group following a different path, and all around them was fighting and war. The sacred tree withered. Black Elk saw miserable, starving faces of people who were sick and dying.

A red man appeared among the people. His transformation into a buffalo indicated a time of plenty. A sacred herb became four flowers, four blossoms on a single stem. The four-rayed herb - red, yellow, black, and white - became the flowering tree. Black Elk heard a song: A good nation I will make live, this nation above has said, they have given me the power to make over.

Then Black Elk saw that the sacred hoop of his people was only one of many hoops, all joined together to make one great circle, the great hoop of all peoples. In the center of the great hoop stood a powerful, sheltering, flowering tree, and under it gathered children of all nations.

At the end of Black Elk's vision, two spirit men gave him the day-break-star herb of understanding. He dropped the herb down to the world below, and it flowered, spreading its power out into the whole world. In time, he was promised, his people would be free and would help spread this power of peace and understanding.

Turn to your visionaries, your paths to awakening. I am. Start with meditation, prayer, turn to your guides or Gods, the spiritual family that has gone before us. Enter the ecstatic state through dance, trance, herb or sleep. 

I am, with light. Then... yes, then, bring it back. Lessons from the magician, use your tools; Priestess, dilate your inner vision; Empress, birth it, bring it forward, embrace your pregnancy with possibility; Emperor, guide it, be wise in your joy for this new birth; and now be lite aflame and carry that light through yourself, channel in and down the vision, guiding and inspiring actions.

I am open to your interpretation. 


The Tarot Cycle



The Tarot Cycle is intended to demonstrate personal evolution using the Keys of the Tarot, in harmony with the lunar cycle, and displayed here at Lifencompass as an offering. I felt like this year of all years, was the perfect time to take initiative in my life and explain that journey in readings, poetry, art, and doing. The Tarot Cycle is a reading but not a forecast of the “future,” the Tarot in this case are used as personal, alchemical, tools of transformation. Sign posts of influences and energies.

I draw on the personal and the collective to create the monthly forecast, and it is encouraged to pull the monthly card and draw your own cards in a reading to see what influences you may be experiencing. Maybe you can see something in my tarot spreads but you will probably receive more if you likewise draw the cards and contemplate them. All things connected, lots of possibilities, I hope that my words and poetry inspire others to find within themselves the light, energy, and focus to light the way forward for their own self.

That is the Goal of the first part of the Tarot Cycle, The Hermit as an divine vision of BEing, I took out the word “Archetype” as it sounded too… stiff, finding our own inner light and bringing it out. Leaving the life we are expected to live and finding the life we are meant to live. 


Thoughts, feelings, impressions or questions? Bring em I’m all ears, and I love active participation!

Scott / TheSacredOther

Art, divination, and healing.

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