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What if that Facebook posting is just a lie?

Scott K

Most of us have Facebook profiles and pages, or some sort of interaction with the world through a social media site or posting board. I know you have seen the power of these platforms with issues and causes. Local rally's for lost dogs and social issues that relate to our real, life events. Food, lost animals, children, spiritual callings and political rallies. I've watch platforms like Facebook and Twitter carry the message of revolution and freedom in old world political systems like Gabriel's horn for aged ideologies. The call to change. This is a powerful and intense tool at our fingertips with the ability to send our message out to almost all corners of the digitally connected world.

In smaller ways we see this rally around an idea in photos with messages on the web. Recently someone on Facebook posted an image on her Facebook page.



It was a long week when I came to this particular posting and in that week. I had found (and debunked) a few others of images that everyone who had "liked" them. The short of that scenario was uncovering completely false flags, things that were tagged with a message but either the photo was not related to it at all, or the event (say a protest in Mexico) wasn't even happening at all.

I found the "source" for the above image, the original poster sites his friend SSGT.

Meanwhile and about this photo the "someone" on Facebook had re-posted this and I had asked if she knew the person or the source. Honestly I would have LOVED to have copy-pasted the messages but this particular person felt I was in some way against her or trying to mess with (quote) "positive messages on her facebook page. It doesn't matter if it's true or not, people need to know."

I got "blocked" (yeah, me, *gasp*) and I cannot send her my last response; This is where this blog post began to form. Honestly I didn't even realize she was fuming on the other end of the web at a computer, at 1 or 2 am in Mantowic, Wisconsin.

I can't see all things.

I can be responsible for the message, vibrations, and energy that I am sending out to the world. I talked about that here, but I've had the joy-of-joys in revisiting the message this last week. You see the question I asked became an insult to the sensibilities of the woman who posted the Iraq / Bailout image. She did not care if it was real, or not, because she was mad about the current situation of the government, and bailouts, and "stinky f*cking hippies" (I hadn't read that one until later when I was wondering how that sentiment fit in with her "unity and diversity" and "oneness" photographs).

What if that Facebook photo and snappy saying is just a lie?

I wanted to know why it didn't matter to her if someone out-and-out lied and sent that out into the interwebs? What if it gains speed? What if it rally's thousands of people? What if..? What if it is all based on a lie? Isn't that what we are working to end in so many of today's issues? Deception?

When we disregard the source aren't we allowing an opening more nefarious types to use our social networking space, our friendship connections, and our time FOR FREE to propagate the lie or agenda of their choosing, simply by tugging at your heart-strings or stirring the fire in your belly?


The Man in Linen above is the (inspired) Archangel Gabriel and he came on as a muse while jotting notes and feeling out the aspects of the last week. As you may know Gabriel is a bit of a messenger, bringing news, interpreting messages and visions, and in his mythological role as horn blower at the "end of times."

A fantastic example of misinformation is the following, I quote from the posting:


I could not for the life of me figure out why we wouldn't learn this. I spent an entire morning looking for source information, scouring the internet, public records and notes from artists and historians. I learned a lot, for instance the artists were inspired by an Egyptian statue, but the image to the left was not the original statue of liberty.
“Lady Liberty” at the Agrement roundabout, St. Martin
MARIGOT/GREAT BAY—The “Lady Liberty” statue at the Agrément roundabout is probably the best-known public sculpture by Theodore Bonev in St. Martin.

“The stunning beauty and elegance of Lady Liberty” was unveiled in 2007 to mark the 159th anniversary of the 1848 Emancipation from slavery.

Sculptor Benev’s work can be found at other locations, at the West Indies Mall in Marigot and on tombstones.

The St. Martin sculptor has also exhibited abroad. His “Caribbean Woman,” another elegant statue with sensuous curves, is on permanent display at the Changchun World Sculpture Park in China.

Bonev was awarded the bronze medal for the statue, which was sculpted in China as a feature of the 9th annual China Changchun International Sculpture Symposium (CCISS) in 2008. Over 40 countries participated in the CCISS.

“The piece I created for the CCISS was a representative of the Caribbean woman with all her beauty and style,” said Bonev in an interview in October 2008, with Shujah Reiph, producer of the Conscious Lyrics radio magazine."

You can google this one if you want to make your eyeballs ache, the fabrication by someone has become an all out mythology, related to some some things that are true but the statue of the "Caribbean Woman" by artist Benev, unveiled in 2007 to mark the 159th beautiful anniversary of the Emancipation of Slavery, powerful and profound, is not the "original statue of liberty."

I want to underline that I LOVE THE SPIRIT OF THIS STATUE. It is amazing and I don't think creating a false truth about it does justice to the artist, the muse, or the spirit of FREEDOM when we make up a half-truth. Praise the artist, the inspiration, but not the misinformation. 

I give thanks to Gabriel, blow your horn and reveal the real message.


If the big deal isn't obvious I would like to mention a few things, including why I want to write this post. We, you and I, as light workers, stewards of earth, light bearers of magick, who deal in the nature of things, might benefit with a little background checking of our own. Not only will we prevent any suffering from "foot in mouth syndrome," we might prevent ourselves from getting all uppity about something that turns out to be unfortunately untrue.

I think we are also obligated to [see and know] what our energy is serving. A more crass voice in my head says pointedly, "know your shit," a different vibe pips in to "serve enlightenment through self-education."

If I want to represent an ideal, to increase the volume on a good message, I think for myself I might want it to be true. True to my values and True, as in not made up to cause people to feel something because I can, or because I have an ulterior motive, when it is really false.

I'm guilty of sharing random photos on the internet, I am. I submit this photo from my weekend. I did not shoot it, it is not mine, I shared it on Facebook via the Green Renaissance.


My comment at the time of posting it was a reflection on my own personal nature, how tough parts of my life have been, and how it almost seems impossible to have reached the place I am now. In essence, growing from a place one might not consider it possible. regardless of our experience life continues with a tenacity that cannot be compared to any invention. We grow, sometimes in the most impossible circumstances and thrive when we set down our roots.

It's pretty awesome because you can see the photo on Google Maps, here in Hong Kong, if you go to street view and rotate around.

This was my "inspiration" that I posted to my connections on the web, to inspire with a little awe. It's not a political issue, it's not a call to rally, it is pretty, neat, and said something to me about us as people. It is true that is tree, growing on the other side of the world, it was posted on my page to bring a little wonder.

Some movement of note

There are some interesting movements in the stars at the moment, one of them is Jupiter in Gemini. This was fed to my google reader account over the weekend and became part of my discussion with Astrid while on vacation. I think it says a lot about the issues at hand, at least it has an inspiration on how to navigate the energy of the moment:

Jupiter moved into Gemini on June 11th, and unlike some periods during which Jupiter retrogrades back into the previous sign at some point in its travels, it will remain in Gemini without interruption for about a year.

Jupiter is the planet of good fortune – of faith and optimism and our ability to encapsulate the world in a theology that provides our life with meaning. Jupiter represents the evolution of our philosophies and our shared vision of meaning that we call religion.

Jupiter is often called the “Greater Benefic” (with Venus the Lesser) because of its generally expansive nature. However, there is a dark side to Jupiter as well – the lack of practicality that blind optimism can engender, a self-righteousness that goes with strong beliefs. Jupiter’s dark side can appear relatively benign when compared with a planet such as, say, Pluto, but when expansion turns into a relentless quest for more that never ceases it can become a bit of a problem.

Jupiter in Gemini, June 2012, Astrological Musings

The entire posting at Astrological Musings is quite thorough, and for myself it highlighted some of the issues that I (and a few other friends I have talked to) have met in the last week.

Two parts particularly caught my eye:

(1) ...and while Jupiter travels through Gemini we would expect issues such as intellectual property (Gemini) law (Jupiter) to become more important. Because we are in the middle of such revolutionary energy and change under the square of Uranus to Pluto, wars of words are likely to be more important than bombs with Jupiter in Gemini. Discussions (Gemini) about philosophy (Jupiter) will become critical, and could erupt into violence because of Uranus/Pluto.

(2) In our personal lives it will be important to be very clear in our communication and speech since Jupiter in Gemini can inspire carelessness in the sheer volume of discussion. Centering ourselves in our inner knowledge of what we intend to communicate will be very helpful. If you are a writer, or want to be one, this is an extremely beneficial time. There is a lot to say, and plenty of people who want to hear.

Jupiter in Gemini, June 2012, Astrological Musings

Ultimately we can chalk it up to something. Too much time on social networks or reducing the threat to "it's just a photo," but is it? 800 million active users connecting on the web, spreading information, aggregating it to Twitter and Reddit, pushing a message that may or may not be true... I don't know, for me I don't think that it is ever "just a message." What if that rally for the animal shelter wasn't real? What if the Iraq soldier wasn't a soldier at all, just another person making the issue up completely? What if it is just photo-shopped?

What if it's just flat out, untrue? How do you feel about the issue? How important is truth in information to you?

I do hope this finds you well.

Scott / TheSacredOther

Art, divination, and healing.

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