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Site Updates: TempleWell and TheSacredOther

Scott K

Hello! Some small changes at Lifencompass (now TheSacredOther). As you know I am a Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, and I am now enrolled at the National Holistic Institute. Big changes for me in the body and spirit work parts of my craft that I love, love, love!

I've also dropped some hints about a long-term project TempleWell, a healing center and dedicated Temple to Healing which I hope to root in to some space in the next year. As you might imagine that is a huge undertaking and it will need a lot of my time and energy, as well as completing school, to get it together. I have taken some first physical steps to making this happen. I started a business plan based on the inspiration. Found books on the subject of creating a healing temple, as well as starting a business and I'm hanging on the edge of wondering if I should make it a NPO or a business. Pluses and minuses to both but leaning towards a business.

Any-who. This last week I came to the decision to launch the TempleWell services site, even if I don't have an actual dedicated space (yet), and that means I'll be pacing out some changes on the blog, moving the Reiki and bodywork services, Essential oils, etc from Lifencompass to

I'd like to see a return for myself to more blogging and focused topics on this site and the business parts of body work and healing get comfy cozy at the TempleWell.

A lot to do, small steps in a long journey, but I'm totally excited about it.

Things to check out

  • New, simple, updating site!
  • fan page on Facebook, please like!
  • Mailing list: Please join the mailing list here. The first things you will probably be receiving an email about are Reiki and Healing gatherings and classes in East LA (why is everything always on the West Side?! We've got spiritually minded folks too!) and things of this nature.

I really appreciate you following along these years as I found new parts of me and integrated them into the practice and being that I have and am today.

Coming up at TheSacredOther

The Tarot Cycle: The Lovers, new moon message on the deeper spiritual message of the cards, continuing Tuesday Night Tarot Chat on the 10th of July and more!

Thank you for joining me, for commenting, participating, coming to Art Walk events, and just being friends!

Scott / TheSacredOther

Art, divination, and healing.


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