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Journey Journal: School Updates

Scott K

  I thought I might post an update about my studies at NHI since this has been one of the biggest and most positive changes in my life now.

Class is coming along and I have reached the quarter mark. June 15th will bring me roughly to the three month mark. I passed my Zen Shiatsu examination, passed Kinesiology, although I would have wished I had a better grade there, completed a presentation and I'm gearing up for an Myofascial Therapy (MFT) test.

We're moving into the later part of the Eastern segment of study with fun things scheduled at NHI such as Thai Massage, continuing MFT, and... 


First a note. I feel like this post is all, "yay yay yay," and I guess that this is the intention. I've been tickling this post for a week, and in spite of my 1990's "find a little sarcasm for the sake of my inner-Jennie-Garofalo," I have failed to adequately communicate the necessary baggage to down my happiness about school and my classmates. I guess that means :p to me. Tee Hee Hee.

"Digging in" I have to say that I'm pretty happy with my education at the National Holistic Institute, especially my classmates. No thing is perfect but, I think, dealing with the imperfect nature of life is what it's all about and my sense of belonging and the benefit of learning while practicing far outweighs any gripes I may occasionally have. I'm getting some solid information. Read, "happy Scott." I can see why some seniors coming up on their graduation date don't want to leave!

Here are some notes to self / updates along the way.

We learned a method of Massage called Myofascial Therapy, a technique for treating the muscles and connective tissue with soft and then deep treatment of the fibrous fascia of the body. The examination is coming soon. Having the blessing of a few volunteers and clients along the way for "student Massage," an awesome group of people to practice with in class, I feel confident in my expanding ability. I also think that I love the recent combination of Shiatsu and MFT. Did some Massage practice on some wonderful downtown movers and shakers and confidence increases, it's a good direction to go in. 

Time management is the hardest part of school.

I still have Reiki, a dog and a partner, housework, blog, the need to eat and sleep, and my now mandatory "one day a week to get ready for the new week and have some fun in the interim" time. Read that as, could be a day off to relax in the sun but papa don't have that luxury, time. It's not much and I'm sure you can sympathize. How do you squish everything into a few days and still create time for self-care. As I take it as part of the necessary field work (or sacrifice?) for my greater good, aka career and life, I feel confident and happy with my choice, but as a senior in my class today said, "I can't wait until I can sleep in after graduation."

I mean that... The part about my confidence and satisfaction. I might also be serious about the sleeping in thing too, but if you know me, you know I love my bed. Although there are weeks where I feel like I couldn't possibly squeeze in another hour for something else, still somehow I do.

I take this as part of the intensive.

You know that what you need to do is possible to do, even though difficult, and sense of time disappears. You forget yourself. You feel part of something larger.” (Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi on experiencing ‘flow’)

Good things come of this. I learn new facets about healing and methods that I get to work into my existing practice. I am in school! I may talk with a friend in class, or have a Massage experience, emotional release, or a new take on a subject that suites me well. I could be challenged by time, or life events but I feel the companionship with my friends on the path. I think that makes all of it a lot easier to digest. The load I feel is lightened because I have shoulders to lean on. 

I'm part of a great group of people! Singers, artists, a dancer, young and old, green and wise, a mom-to-be... I am still feeling fortunate to have landed in Group 51 at Studio City. Perfect time, perfect place.

Personal Story...

I had the most crazy emotional release in class a few weeks ago while we were doing shoulder work. A classmate (I consider a good friend) was working on a part of my back and hit an emotional clog of information, compacted between my scapula and spine. I swear it felt like I went from relaxing to a profound spiritual experience in like two seconds. Yes it was such an intense pocket of emotion I almost lost all consciousness of the room as the work my friend was doing found, tended and moved a dense pocket of left over feeling and thought out of my back.

What made it even more amazing was the mutual experience. My friend not only found a knot of emotional garbage but when she began to move it, she whispered to me, "Oh my God there is so much emotion right there! Keep going?" 


Scan_Pic0007Imagine your most intense emotional experience, like happy/crying or total fear, compacted into one giant wave that hits you all at once, almost out of the blue. That moment was a good learning experience on the receiving end. The reality is that I usually help that emotional release along for others, so it's nice to feel what that experience is, on the other side of the table. Perspective, at times, can turn out to be everything. The whole thing reminded me of the painting I did back in 1998, Mother. 

The rest of the year is still before me, there is still a way to go. I know that my time at school is not really that long, eight months out of a year is a blink of the eye as you get older, and at the rate we power through things it will be over before I know it!

Thank you for checking in with me, leave a hello, give a call, or send a poke my way on Facebook. I hope this finds you well...


Art, divination, and healing. 


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