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Good for the soul?

Scott K

A friend of mine recently pounced on a few of her friends virtually for "liking" McDonald's on Facebook. You have probably seen the notifications, they are little advertisements brought to you by what your friends have clicked and liked. In this case it was junk food. Processed, factory made, cheap, chemically reduced and altered "meat product" sugars, fats, preservatives. Yes, you know my stance on this one. The interesting thing is the comments, specifically one of those caught by the health and nutrition maven said, "...but, it's good for the soul."

I want to digest that for a second.

I am my soul. Me, body, mind and feeling, this is my soul probably more but of these parts I am pretty grounded about. It's not so very metaphysical.

What I am taking into my life, and expressing, is the spirit of a thing.

I Scott [soul] feel and create [spirit]; Alternately I can say that I take into my life through food, experience, feeling the spirit of something else. I work with plants, planets, and other spirits of energy for healing, insight, well-being, protection. I ingest the nutrients and flavors of food, this is physically sustaining, possibly filling the feeling of hunger with "food." The spirit, for me is not only in the meal but also in the setting. Again the soul or essence of that thing, manufactured or natural, expresses its spirit, by eating it, I take that spirit within myself. My soul.

Simply put it is conscious eating, what I see as respecting [the spirit] of what we consume. 

My question is "good for the soul?" If I know that the handling and processing of a thing isn't good, if I know the contents aren't good, how is it good for my soul? 

These are questions, not condemnations. What is your soul? What is spirit? What do you take in that's "good for your soul," but bad for your body, mind, or spirit?

I'm curious. 


Art, divination, and healing. 

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