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Excerpt: Personal Power Through Awareness.

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Personal Power through Awareness As you sit quietly and ask to see what lies ahead for you in a certain area of your life, thinking of a decision you want to make or a path you want more information about, bits and pieces of information should begin coming to you. Your intent to know the future sends your mind out to that future time, and it will bring data back to you. Sometimes information comes as a vague feeling, such as a feeling of joy or discomfort. Do not hold expectations of what you will experience. It is also important not to judge your initial attempts, but to simply let any impressions come in.

Personal Power Through Awareness

Orin's Personal Power Through Awareness book provides a step-by-step course in sensing energy.Using these easy-to-follow processes, thousands have learned to create immediate and profound changes in their relationships, self-image, and ability to love and be loved.  You need no longer be affected by other people's moods or negativity.  You can recognize when you have taken on other people's energy and easily release it.

As you read you will explore how to stay centered and balanced, know who you are, increase the positive energy around you, and help and heal others.  Your sensitivity is a gift.  Learn to use it to send and receive telepathic messages, increase your intuitive abilities, and open to higher guidance.  You can leave the denser energies, where things are often painful, and live in the higher energies where you can feel more loving, calm, focused, and positive. 

Chapters include guidance about sensing energy, such as how to sense the energy of yourself, other people, your home, and the energy of whatever environment you are in.  You will learn how to use your imagination to sense energy, direct the unseen energy around you that may be affecting you, and learn about handling difficult situations by broadcasting love.  Orin talks about how to sense energy in others, how to be aware of the affect other people's energy is having on you, and how to stay neutral.  You will learn how to create a healing connection with others, knowing how much to give and how much to receive. 

You can use the information in this book to discover more about who you are and to make a commitment to yourself and your path.  You will explore when to pay attention to your own needs and when to be selfless, and be guided to let go of feeling responsible for everyone's happiness, dissolve fear, and love who you are right now, not who you or other people think you should be. 

In this book, you will learn more about how to become aware of what is in your unconscious mind so you can change limiting beliefs and thoughts.  You will look at what self-images you are holding of yourself, and learn to hold a higher vision for your life than previously.  Orin affirms throughout the book that you can know what is true for you, heal yourself, and release the need to grow through struggle or pain. 

Orin discusses how to increase the love you experience in your life and how you may learn to love by putting yourself in situations that challenge you to be loving.  He assists you in opening your intuition, listening to it, taking action on it, and in better understanding the function and purpose of intuition.  You will look at the role of the mind, your inner dialog, and how to raise your vibration by saying high, loving, and positive words to yourself. You will learn more about how to deal with lower thoughts by placing higher ones by their side. 

In this book you will explore telepathy.  You cannot know what you are picking up telepathically until you know your own energy, so you will learn how to better recognize your own energy.  You have the ability to know what others are thinking, and you can gain control over telepathic messages that come into your mind, choosing to pay attention or not pay attention to them.  Telepathy is a gift and a responsibility; when you think of others they are receiving energy from you.  You will explore how to open to receive guidance, light, and energy from the beings of light, your soul, and the Masters and guides that is offered to you when you ask for it and are open to receive it. 


I love the information that comes through Orin & DaBen. Personal Power Through Awareness was one of the first spirituality books with an emphasis on spiritual growth and energetic tools that I read. Way back in 1990 something.  Sanaya Roman and Duane Packard are the channels for Orin & DaBen, and the great body of information in the Light Body program. I don't get any kick back from this, I just appreciate the quality of information. You can read more about Personal Power Through Awareness, here

Good information. Good stuff. Good consciousness building. 


Art, divination, and healing. 


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