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Journey Journal: Focus, Dilation and the Priestess

Scott K

Eye_dilate AH! I feel like I haven't been able to play at Lifencompass in a long time! Meanwhile new folks have started conversations and "huzzas!" with me, and I'm working the wheel of Chi at school, tending home, keeping the flow with clients and looking over at my site calling out, "I miss you blog!" It's amazing how a few conscious choices can change everything. Energy work doesn't need a bang and a flash, sometimes the most subtle of intents can create the most lasting changes.

Yes, well, I have a lot to dive into here with this post, it's been in the spiritual slow cooker all week having started on Easter and blending all the flavors of the week into the big bubbly pot that this is now. Food for thought, it is! 

I begin this entry with an introduction taken from earlier posts on the Social Network Feed:

Blog Notes: Journey Journal

Tarot Cycle three is coming to a close this moon and we're dancing with the energy of the priestess. Notes on the journey:

(1) All is Mind, The Universe is Mental and occasionally I am too. (2) :p (3) Perspective = Little person in vast landscape; one woman and the big moon, drawing in the light; the mystery of all things is large and small. (4) Ideas, all ideas need room. Seeking ritual or the ecstatic to free the mind. (5) DILATE THE MINDS EYE

Goal: The end of this meditative cycle, 2012 - The Hermit, inner light revealed "bring it back, sing it back" to the community.

Sunday afternoon we spent the day with family. It isn't a religious observation but a true and good family gathering of food and conversation, making connections and checking in with the ones you care about. Among the many topics of conversation including 50 Shades of Grey, movies, politics and massage --oh and how great the food was!-- a family friend arrived and began a more inspired discussion about consciousness, the nature of reality, and our drivers seat in it. His buoyant energy spun the fire under the mental pot and I really started to simmer. 

Frank (the "family friend") arrived, a cavalier spirit, doctor, and now seeker of higher consciousness with wine and fantastic conversation. I was in the hip deep fun of babies, food, and family so I couldn't join in when B flagged me over so I couldn't just jump right in. Knowing Frank I knew it was probably electric. I did get to talk with him later and out of that exchange spun a handful of insights about the mind, consciousness, and the nature of reality.

I LOVE this. I especially love someone senior to myself comes to the leaping-off-point of conscious exploration, magick, and soul, and then... (sound it out) "Mm..." And then "Yes!", take flight. In our sharing Frank brought "the duty of oneself is to live ones life" and "there is not 'right way' but right now," and the "you never know what it is, I just open myself up and keep a paper and pen with me to take notes. You see it's [God/Consciousness] always talking to you and you have to put it all together."

Let me tell you this is rich  material. It's really great stuff coming from one of the leading surgeons in the country. I like saying that, I can say that but not in the way to intend that status from the surgeon rubs off like gold dust on my jacket and suddenly I have greater value, I mean that the light of conversation from what appears as uncommon source. I think I might call that the Divine Trickster.

Expect the unexpected.

"Consciousness," is a taffy subject. You know what I mean? It can go from a tight little ball into this stretching gooey, malleable thing that everyone puts a hand in and stretches a little more. From my perspective (tee hee), I frame consciousness as the awareness of self in relation to all things interacting. The moment, my memories, the environment I am in, and all things in it that I am, and am not, aware of. 

I credit the Light Body Coursework as much as I do the Temple of Witchcraft training, yes because they bring me together to this place of present awareness. Any good commitment to internal alchemy, transforming the archetypes of the mind and unlocking the soulful and spiritual potentials takes time, dedication and is well worth the effort when that body of work allows for you to take that flying leap and soar.

I am in some senses all that I see and perceive. That's the short of it.

Image via Wiki, Buddhist Temple in the Mountains, 11th century, ink on silk, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City (Missouri).

All is Mind

On one of my favorite radio talk shows the Visionary ActivistCaroline Casey sometimes mentions this idea about the Chinese Landscape Painting that gives us perspective about our human place in the great scheme of things as small creatures in a vast natural world (I'm paraphrasing here because I can't find a quote on this one from the radio show, as much as I would love to reference the words exactly, not happening). It's a sticky thought that doesn't seem to leave my mind and like a stone in a river it's been smoothing out in the stream of consciousness.

Who am I / who are we in the bigger picture? What is consciousness, where do I end and others begin.

"THE ALL IS MIND; The Universe is Mental."--The Kybalion

When I meditate each day, then enter into movement my balance point of grounded-activity is a centering on my awareness and the environment I am in, and the energy of consciousness that I am interacting with. I am not 'in my head' anymore I am expanding, grounded but expanding to the natural point of opening that feels most right for me. I come out of the limited perspective of "me" and enter into the Mind of ALL, or simply speaking that I see the interaction between my "self" and the world.

The two are becoming one, even tho they remain distinct and separate from one another. The happy paradox in the kitchen of the mind, cutting and blending.

You remember the movie The Matrix where Neo, our unknown hero meets a being called "The Oracle," a sapient program in the Matrix that is essential to it's function, she "predicts" the future with a Mona Lisa like smile. Her's is the power of the Priestess and we'll get to that, and part of the nature of the world in which Neo is awakened, fighting to change. At the Oracle, Neo meets a group of children performing seemingly magickal feats like levitating objects, or bending spoons.

Defying the laws of the matrix appears to somehow bend a spoon with a thought...


Neo asks one of the children, a very pale Buddha-like boy, how he bends the spoon:

Spoon boy: Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the truth.  Neo: What truth?  Spoon boy: There is no spoon.  Neo: There is no spoon?  Spoon boy: Then you'll see, that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself. 

I'm finding that the real fun is in seeing that "I am the spoon" but the metaphysics of the "ALL" can get pretty mental. The potential of reality becomes a fractal of thoughts, kaleidoscoping into infinite. I can sit here and trip on that until I run out of breath but that is a vice of the Crown Chakra. Inactivity in the Awe of the infinite. 

Yes, the Universe is Mental, and the world is suddenly larger because I think it, just as it was small and limited because, I had also thought that. Now I'm not saying that just because I think a person is a certain way they become the way I think, but I will say that they seem to characterize my assumption. I want to note that I do not make any of these things so, I make my perspective of them so, and either of the two is true, for the viewer.

That would be you and me.

In between the two and beyond them is a myriad of possibilities. It's rather Tao, sounds like the Yin/Yang, but yes. Yes I think the ancients had something there be they Lao Tzu or the old alchemists. That dove tails into more practical thoughts about the subject such as "creation of personal reality" or the "field of consciousness" that is the self and is us that is the interaction of all things.

The point being, what I thought of as mind (tee hee hee) is bigger than the brain that I originally confined it to and that brings me back to the Chinese Landscape Painting with the tiny people in their little houses in the big vast landscape of nature. And what is that?

I'm playing with idea here but isn't that me going into the release of ownership to consciousness? Not the release of respect and responsibility for thoughts, actions or intent, but the relaxing muscle of "mind" and its inner eye the opportunity to dilate, passing my awareness of self through the iris into a place where consciousness is shared as much as it is localized to any one person (and I intend that last part with a healthy helping of animism). 

Perspective. It is the family friend, in my case Frank, meeting a guru and suddenly opening up to the vast potential of the mind. It is my self taking the trip into a program like the Light Body by Orin & Daben and doing the same. I think of it all as consciousness opening up to the mind of all things, an awareness of life, living, and the elastic nature of thought which needs, as it turns out, the space that it has been provided. 

Yes. Thoughts need elbow room. The mind is as infinite as you allow it to be, create some space for all things to dance around without knocking elbows. 

Enter The Priestess

This last leg of the Tarot Cycle, the third movement, began with the Priestess. I've been diligent with keeping the wheel rotating on that project but only loosely tending to the message. I had hoped for some of the Tarot regulars to pop back in for this dance but alas if they are there, they tend their own dance in silence and this I respect! It's part of the mystery and knowing does not require an affirmation!

The moon cycle comes to dark and so I close this months Tarot message.

The Priestess. During Tuesday's Tarot Chat my  friend Kaynek mentioned the Priestess as coming in with the mysteries.  

Queue music, Patti Smith, Dancing Barefoot. Divine feminine approaches our circle, she veiled and swaying to the music as if in some meditation between the first breath of life and the secret of that made into beauty, the body, the earth, all things manifest... The light of the moon around us, the light of knowledge within. 

she is benediction she is addicted to thee she is the root connection she is connecting with he 

There is a thread in the Cycle and it threads together in this way. The year opens in 2012 and there are so many who, in this time, see some sort of cataclysm, or doom, that is necessary to create a shift in consciousness. We are not those people. We are people who see that change like this happens within and, yes, the Universe is Mental (and I am too sometimes!) and so our ability to be agile, flowing, free, changing, space creators shamanistically shifting cataclysm to new world ism is possible. I don't buy into destruction as a necessary force for change, endings yes.

So this began the cycle... Enter The Fool:

“The Fool represents the soul of everyman, which, after it is clothed in a body, appears on earth and goes through the life experiences depicted in the 21 cards of the Major Arcana, sometimes thought of as archetypes of the subconscious. Let each reader use his imagination and find here his own map of the soul’s quest, for these are symbols that are deep within each one of us.”

~Eden Gray coined the phrase, “the Fool’s journey.” (Complete Guide of the Tarot) thank you Mary K. Greer for the reference.

Here we were staring into the sky of potential. What can be. Beginning our journey not knowing where we are going, but one foot in front of the other, forward in our direction and allowing the spirit of exuberance and playfulness to enter our soul as we go forward, out of end of times, into beginning of new.

Then comes The Magi, the Wizard and Sorcerer drawing in and channeling out. This is the Fool activated, awakening, the creative self blossoms in the necessity of life that ask for feeling and intuition unleashed in the mind, hands, skills of the wielder of tools.

Now we come to The Priestess, and the cooperation between inner and outer, intuition and skill, have opened the way for knowing as this energy dances in our circle. First light of all things manifests, woman as creator because she births and nurtures life in the world. And here we are this month, nurturing inner wisdom in the circles of our life, tending to the life of inner light, manifesting the enthusiasm of the fool, the skill of the Magi, in the wise hands of Feminine Spirit.

Priestess is she who awakens awareness, the mistress of consciousness.  Grandmother plant, mother root, source of stream, point of light from which all things emanate and like our experiments in playful consciousness we see that she-and-I /we are one.

Epitome of Spoon Boy, her consciousness is shared and there is no spoon. She is Family Friend Frank dancing with his Guru, opening hospitals in India and shedding light on the limited mind; educating. She is all of us because we all have the light of consciousness within. She is light and nodding to her sister, The Empress, who will join the lunar dance next month with gifts of earth and birth. 

This was the message I gathered and rolled around during the month, freedom of the Fool with the master of the Magician, opens the way to knowing the first light, our light, and exploring the possibility of our choices --with skill and artistry!-- from the center-perspective.


You may find yourself surprised by the wisdom of what comes through. When you are speaking, you will be overshadowed by the presence of the higher vibration. Do not look for hidden, disguised, obscure, vague, or cryptic messages. You are not searching for buried information. Channel what you may see as obvious, as sometimes the obvious is the most important thing to say. While you are in the space of a higher being, truth will be obvious and often simple.


The Tarot Cycle is a demonstration of personal evolution using the Keys of the Tarot, in harmony with the lunar cycle, and displayed here at Lifencompass as an offering. I felt like this year of all years, was the perfect time to take initiative in my life and demonstrate that journey in readings, poetry, art, and doing. The Tarot Cycle is a reading but not a forecast of the “future,” the Tarot in this case are used as personal, alchemical, tools of transformation. Sign posts of influences and energies.

I draw on the personal and the collective to create the monthly forecast, and it is encouraged to pull the monthly card and draw your own cards in a reading to see what influences you may be experiencing. Maybe you can see something in my tarot spreads but you will probably receive more if you likewise draw the cards and contemplate them. All things connected, lots of possibilities, I hope that my words and poetry inspire others to find within themselves the light, energy, and focus to light the way forward for their own self.

That is the Goal of the first part of the Tarot Cycle, The Hermit as an archetype, finding our own inner light and bringing it out. Leaving the life we are expected to live and finding the life we are meant to live. 


Thoughts, feelings, impressions or questions? Bring em I’m all ears, and I love active participation!


Art, divination, and healing.



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