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Update: Started Massage School


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Update: Started Massage School

Scott K


ZEN-SHIATSU-BOOKSo maybe you've been by a few times that I haven't posted a lot in the last few weeks at Lifencompass. Don't worry I haven't given up all hope on comments and regular readers and canned the site --can you imagine?-- but I have gotten busy with school .  A few weeks ago amidst the Mercury Retrograde in Aries I made a sudden shift and leaped into massage school at the National Holistic Institute. I haven't looked back with any regret. No, not even the schedule change that moved my waking hours from 9 am to 6 am, or the commute.

I've met a group of people who  I can connect with, in a classroom setting, about a subject I am passionate about, health and well-being. 

We are studying Zen Shiatsu, which I knew little about but have come to love in the last week as we move through the body stretching, softening, and working points along the Meridian's. There is so much to learn and without sounding like a walking advertisement for the school, which ultimately I will become in some form since they are training me, the amount of information I have taken in and applied in two short weeks is amazing. The learning process works for me, we learn through the A.V.K. method (Audio, Visual, Kinesthetic) also known as Multisensory Learning, which allows me to see, speak, feel the process.

I walked into NHI with some Massage experience and a long history in Energy Work and Reiki and already I've found myself becoming adept at Zen Shiatsu.

Zen Shiatsu

Wait let me call this "Reiki with pressure, body softening, and movement."

Zen Shiatsu (Japanese: 禅指圧) is a derivative form of the Japanese therapy Shiatsu, and is particularly popular in the United Kingdom and United States. It was developed by Shizuto Masunaga, a graduate of the Japan Shiatsu College who published a book entitled Shiatsu in 1974. This was translated into English in 1977 and retitled Zen Shiatsu. The name "Zen Shiatsu" was not coined by Masunaga himself but by Wataru Ohashi, the co-author of the English version.

Zen Shiatsu, also known as Masunaga Therapy, is a form of Meridian Shiatsu. A difference between Masunaga's Zen Shiatsu and earlier forms of Shiatsu is that Zen Shiatsu uses not only thumbs and palms but also fists, elbows, and knees.

The primary precept of Zen Shiatsu is the importance of remaining in a Zen-like, present state when practicing shiatsu; nourishing weak kyo areas and dispersing excess jitsu areas; using two-handed technique to better feel the flow of qi (life force); working from the hara (belly), which is the body's energy center; and using perpendicular pressure to access the qi.



I can't wait to be able to share it with clients, friends, and family. Yes it will end up on Betterfly along side Reiki. Yes I will still offer Reiki. Yes I will include more massage methods and share in the Downtown area. Yes. Yes. Yes!

So when? Well I need at least 500 hours of school, training and some field work -that includes "clinic" where we take in clients once a week at NHI- so roughly, September of 2012 I'll have table and massage pad out with open arms for some Eastern body work.

Temple Well is still in the works -I've gotten a few enthusiastic responses for future co-operators and Reiki ministering is still in the house, with some limitations now that I am gone for 1/2 the day, five days a week.

I'll keep you posted on all the happenings, and I hope to see you on my table in the near future! I'm off to the "Tarot Chat," my new regular Tuesday haunt. Private group so you need to ask me nicely for entry.


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