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Journey Journal: Spiritual Growth and Expanding Communication

Scott K

Welcome back. I came across this one the web and it set the tone for the last few days...

"What if people you love won't talk to you at the deep and meaningful levels you want them to? Start by telepathically sending them a mental message that you love and accept them exactly as they are. Make a decision that you will speak to them only when you can say something loving and supportive. You will notice that they listen more often, and opportunities will arise for you to connect in more meaningful ways."

Spiritual Growth Sanaya Roman & Orin 


Sitting in silence with this for a few... the last few days. Interesting notations are the stretches of silence, and the proverbial crossed-arms sometimes in the same room as open arms. 

Silent sending arms open.

Love is... not a weapon it does not conquer... is not a defense. Words have sentiments and we often use them without thinking about what it is we are saying. "Love is a battlefield" or "Love conquers all." 

Sitting in the same place of awareness. In that place behind the mind, at the heart, resonating. It's the same seat where I heal from. Keeping grounded but feel like I'm in two worlds at once. 

Depends on the other involved, the area, the situation and the interaction the connection is different. I am wondering what joy it could be when I encounter a real open heart?

I am going to play with this one for awhile.

Would you care to try? How does it feel? What happens? Do interactions change when you change your awareness and perspective?



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