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Tarot Cycle: February New Moon, The Magus.

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Between here, Tarot Cycle post #3 and when I began in January, a dialogue started with the Tarot. I believe it began when I started to collect my thoughts and feel out the path between the Magician and the Foolish Man.

There was a path... An interesting note where the Fool is any person and he, or she, is leaving the mundane and entering the mystical along a path that mediates between the highest light perceivable and the process, that I will name as "ritual" or one of the transcendent paths that heighten consciousness, leads one out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary.

The fool is the person coming to circle, the sacred. His companion, the little dog, ever protective is the barking mind. He is the last leg of the mundane world as he steps off into nothing, you see this is the way when we do open and we step out of the "normal" world and into the magickal.

Here we find ourself in readiness and motion, preparing to take another step like the fool but this time with the skilled a prepared power of ritual, rote, and the practiced paths.

Magician: The Magus of Power

The Magus, or magician is within the circle, and it is he or she that we become. This is our creative self that crafts the magick of our life. Our activated creator that evokes our magickal nature. The magickal being, our hidden face evoked within the place that is in-between this world and that other place. We are calling the powers, infusing the elements with spirit, working out magick into the circle.

This is bridging the etherial with the material, becoming the conduit for the idea and creating, opening and transmitting. 

This is the lesson...


The Magician is often depicted standing before the altar, with the elemental tools, symbols of the four suites: Fire, Air, Water, Earth. These are not empty props, they are iconic of the elemental powers in the right hands, he or she who takes the energy out of the unseen and binds it to reality.

About the Magus in my reading is a host of influences, Justice, the Sun and his future incarnation as the Hierophant. There are wands and swords but lo, there  is the Tower. Our Magus stands in an eye of light. 

It is a layered and direct perception. I understand the vision, the dream of what could become, what I can achieve. It is a revelation for the path I am on now. 

The sun, communicating all that this metaphoric light revealed over the last few years, trumpets the new calling. The dance now is in two worlds. 

First I am lifting arms and swaying hips in a groove with abundant energy of invisible / visible under conditions: Awakenings. Paradigm shifts. Transformations. Revelations. The invisible world is no longer connected through such a delible bridge of connections. 

There is a method now, more than just an urge to do some action because of a feeling, there is a meaning behind it. I understand why I should follow this impulse, the importance of what I do is instinctive, it is a procession with integrity, the likes of which I could not have seen before. 

That is the magick of the Journey. 


The reading began with the Magus, chosen for the Lunar Cycle in the Procession of the Journey.  The spirit calls for inventiveness in reading, no formula of casting the cards and just the tug of invisible. My eyes drawn in and I see the title "Eye of Light." 

This then is the spread. 

The Hierophant appears to discuss our potential, what we can become and he frames the Magician with the Sun, Justice, and the Tower, among minor influences of passion and feeling. Images form words create the language of the spread and I am listening to motivational details.

Do right by your self. Take what you do to the forum, the community circle, to the market and get it out there. Take idea and make something: Action, object, art, relationship, make it magickal. The adventure of the fool is metaphoric of leaving one world and entering another, yes. From static to electric, mundane to magick, but as above so below, this vitality... we must learn translate it into the elements of our craft and in channeling this, transform our working  materials into creations.


Manifest idea (spirit, inspiration, creation) with craft, artistry and grace.

I did mention some minor influences, consider the message in last months reading of the passion rising, the fire in the belly of the Fool; and how this rides up beneath the ideas we may have about life now. Being mindful of this strength, it is fire and air, energy and idea, and it together it can cleave as well as create. 

These details coming out of this part of the reading I will call "notes to self," helping me to understand the disappointment that can arise from spent energy that can feel like waste or emotional upheaval, and focused creativity which is channeling that same energy.

This focus requires more than just releasing energy,  projecting it, or laying it out into our path and creation, it may need more expanding. More than our usual brush strokes, or hands to clay, it is call to expand, meaning to prove our own skill and mastery to our self. 

Spring time energies, rising fires, brightening solar cycles bring us up and out. Whatever the fire is it is coming forward with aggression, packed tightly in a burning burst, a blush, a flash of anger, a drive that sends the Knight of Swords forward. Good. Good, yes, but the knight is a skilled warrior, this may not be the mad rush, galloping headlong into the next phase of whatever we are doing, it is paced, practiced, and a time to hone our skill, put all the practice to test and see how well have done by  measuring our growth in our ability to go forward as a master.

No longer the journeyman. Create from the place of the envisioned future, be the Magician and craft your ritual around what you desire most about your life. 

Watch for schisms, shifts or breaks in the now and observe this... observation not aggravation. The energy is useful for manifesting the future you desire, or it can drive you to destroy what you have in order to get what you want. Knight of Swords, Justice, Tower Reversed these are underpinning the bigger picture they are balanced by two's, which speak of connecting idea to cause, collaboration, and creating a unique you and way that you want to live you life. 

I'm not saying it will be easy but our focus will channel the life force moving through our collective lives at this time in beautiful, fantastic, or destructive ways. Our consciousness is the key. Craft movements, ritual, routines that elaborate on the future being, now. 


Lifencompass now the Sacred Other

Art, divination, and healing. 

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