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The Fools Purpose

Scott K


"Wherever we go, we take everything we've even known with us whether we know it or not." ~Maya Angelou 

Continuing on the energy of the new year, with all the sparkle and success of the Water Dragon, I explore the The Journey, beginning with the fool. This year I began the Tarot Cycle and I invite you to tune into the message and thread.

Today I ask myself to explore the energy of the now. 


A little meditation goes a long way. I just got back from a walk around Hollenbeck Park, drinking in the early spring heat from the grass, flowers, and birds gone wild around the little artificial pond. Trixie and I spent some time on the hill overlooking the park, meditating.

Well actually, Trixie was sniffing around, I take that this is a dog's meditation. I needed to clear my head of all the psychic clutter and (unnamed) issues I mentioned on Facebook earlier this week.  

I am now processing a few things. The clash of tumultuous ideas bent on throwing themselves together in my head. The beginning of any adventure is filled with such things and I have set my life in motion.

Two friends offered me a reading, per my Facebook status update "I need a reading" in January, with surprising similarities. I took in the information and sat with it and out came the notion of the motion. This may be how the energy comes through for you so it is important to understand your feeling, to be in touch with your gut. I received a sensation of direction and not a direction glowing like a Las Vegas arrow in the distance.

This is the reason I needed to take a break and get some perspective with a little space. Meditate, dialogue, and ask questions, that's my way to receive answers.


Minutes after I closed my eyes, calmed, cleared and connected, I received some dialogue. While contemplating came my thoughts in the form of a reminder, to recall the original message in this year's Tarot Cycle, the Fool is breaking away from what has been done before and walking away from the known path, or the way I have always done things. 

Most important was the sudden question, asking me to see the motivation, what is the power of this tarot key, the primary energy of The Fool?

This year begins with the Fool, not because we are a fool, but because we are honoring the rising tide of motivating energy, flowing around us. There are a few primary energies to consider.

Spring is coming. Seeds are turning beneath soil, in some places faster than others. Animals are feeling the coming rush of spring building up and as this energy rises, so does our calling to co-create, and participate! 

There is a social rush of power around equality and money; The flow of financial energy in the world.

We should also consider a few other (major) factors, noting that personal energy, relationships with family and friends, and those around us in our own world have a personal and often back entrance into our energy systems (if we are not mindful).


Consider the amount of fear and misinformation, doubt and collective breath that is held over this particular year, 2012. What is the vibration of many-many people collectively believing that this year is an end of things as they are physically? The group mutter and fear about reality. I don't know that is hints at anything greater than the believed Rapture that did not happen for world but, like most things, it is a watchtower for the actions and energy of people; and how that force can affect us by the direct impact of those collective thoughts (in the form of words and deeds) in our world. 

These forces, some or all, and probably a few unseen, together create the tide and tensions that we experience. It is a vast pool of potential that we can reach.

Awareness is opportunity.

This year energy begins with The Fool asking us how to come at "it" (life, the Path, your path, personal growth, that project) from another direction. To expand our conscious observation through feeling and intuition and to let reason follow and collect after we explore. 

Is the moment asking us to be Aquarian, find the inner tempo, your muse through the feeling, the surge of spring energies and through the exploration deepen your connection to now, what you are committed to, and make your own personal inquiry into your trajectory and approach to your personal fulfillment.

I suggest including a few points in that perspective and to not accept any final answer you receive in your investigation until the (inner) drum beat stops.

Choose. Expand. Find your pace. Deepen. Explore. Learn. Redress. Grow... and I sincerely hope you create Success, whatever form of prosperity that is for you. 

This was my day today and why I am here writing on the blog, looking at my projects, and most importantly, taking in the new frequencies associated with the new year.

Are you exploring? What are you feeling? Where is it drawing you? Is it good for your growth?

Point of Attraction

This is a 17 minute YouTube film of Esther Hicks, speaking about our point of attraction, which she mentions. If you, like me, are moving into and along with the new cycle of energies this year, which I am following through the Fool's Journey in the Tarot, you have already begun to understand this principle as it is moving into front-and-center-perspective.

My reaction when I watched this was a bit of a giggle and awe. There is an inner flow happening here...

Esther Hicks - No Accident is Accidental

[yframe url='!']

Thoughts, feelings, impressions or questions? 

Bring em I'm all ears. 

Lifencompass now the Sacred Other

Art, divination, and healing. 

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