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Journey Journal: To Light the Way.

Scott K

“Way to the Well” (Words by Starhawk and Rose May Dance)

We Will Never, Never Lose Our Way To The Well Of Her Memory And The Power– Of Her Living Flame It Will Rise, It Will Rise Again. (x2) Like The Grasses, Through The Dark, Through The Soil, To The Sunlight — We Shall Rise Again. We Are Thirsting — For The Waters Of Life, We Are Moving — We Shall Live Again. (x2)

(Yoinked from Ozark Pagan Mamma)

Imbolc. St. Bridget. Bríde.



  • House cleaning. Check.
  • Meditation. Check.
  • A candle, a light, a flame. Check.  
  • Contemplating my desire, creativity, drive by doing, not thinking. Check. 
I never miss the day February 1st, in honor of Imbolc, and for me in respect to the fire and light within myself rising out of the hush of winter and spiraling towards spring. 
Well... as Winter as it gets in Los Angeles, some people are hip deep in snow. Regardless of the moderate seasons I experience, my gut is with the Cycle and change. Planet, people, things are in some season, north, south, east and west. I do my thing. Clean house. I mean really get in and dust, and scrub. Wipe things down, including my altar and creative space. Get into thing and organize. 
I like it. 
Next I bring in the smoke and flame, incense, water, candle and salt. I do this all to make way for light, for the Goddess  Bríde, or Bridget. She represents the light of new life coming in. This time is more than just cleaning, which in itself does a great thing by clearing up the mental and physical clutter, and giving everything a nice feel, it is preparing for this vitality of life. To make way for the living energies, to light the way into the vernal energies just around the bend.
I want to invite something new into my house, a renewal, a spirit of life returning; passion, love, peace, prosperity, health and well-being. This is what I invite in on Imbolc. This is what the day means for me.
It may be off the cuff, a derivative of paths and pagan practices but it is the way I do things; and the older I get the more unfettered I become. It sort of dovetails into my posts on the Tarot Cycle: The Foolish Man. 
Any-who. Here's hoping that you consider what's to come by preparing for it now. Light the way for yourself.


"Do what you like to do. And if people get it, that's great. And if they don't it's... They're missing out." ~Bjork.

I do hope this finds you well.



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