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January Tarot Cycle, Part 2: The Fool.

Scott K

Whenever you feel an inner sense that things don't quite fit who you are anymore, whenever you want to contemplate a new direction, simply get quiet and venture into the world of probable futures. Imagine living out different possible futures. Challenge yourself to think positively and expansively. Learn to love uncertainty and embrace the new.

Spiritual Growth / Sanaya Roman & Orin


Welcome back. Thank you for returning. 

January's Tarot Cycle, Part 1: Seeking the Spiritual Other, began on the 24th and lays the groundwork for this leg of the Journey. My ideas on things like Divination and Fortune Telling, and I am determined to demonstrate the cycle in the coming months: Expanding consciousness, raising inner awareness, and setting the drum beat step in line with The Fool, where we begin the journey. These points are detailed in the previous post. 

We begin with the Foolish Man in January, on the new moon, the lunar new year. We progress through the next eight major arcana, the personality archetypes, Magus, the Priestess, etc. Each new moon a new card, each card in the cycle draws a reading. Each reading is a step along the path to the Hermit, the wise one in the cave, or as I like to think of him, The Other or our spiritual otherness. 

You can read the entire post from Tuesday, here: January Tarot Cycle, Part 1. Today I am reading into the cards. 

The Foolish man

The Foolish Man

I've planned this for a while, the cycle of Tarot begins again this month, the Lunar New Year of 2012. Water Dragon, new beginnings, new questions and answers.

Who are we? Where are we going? How do we begin? The Fool steps forward. He or she has an air of potential and wildness, as if anything is possible. In spite of all their confidence the world can see that there are surprising experiences ahead of The Fool, things the journeyman cannot have seen...

“The Fool represents the soul of everyman, which, after it is clothed in a body, appears on earth and goes through the life experiences depicted in the 21 cards of the Major Arcana, sometimes thought of as archetypes of the subconscious. Let each reader use his imagination and find here his own map of the soul’s quest, for these are symbols that are deep within each one of us.”

~Eden Gray coined the phrase, "the Fool's journey." (Complete Guide of the Tarot) thank you Mary K. Greer for the reference. 

Personal Impressions

Ideas are floating through me like clouds in a windy sky. I want to reach out and grasp them, any one, but my hand reaches and I clutch air and these, the glimpses of things to come, evaporate in wispy tendrils. Vanishing into the invisible.

There is Judgement before me but it feels as though this is a shadow, the minds trick. It is an unclear reflection, clouded by the past and questions that keep me from moving forward.

The realm of the deep, the under that plays with the dappled light from above warmly shining into my world, beneath the tree of my life. 

This is where the phantoms play.They come to teach me about the hidden and the revealed.There is a kind of unseen, inner-power drawn out of my projections when I begin to realize that I am the light, the darkness, and the shadow dance.

I know this must be understood. The perceived is not the answer, it is the hurdle, the gateway to knowing. I must pass through this veil to get closer, connected, to passion.

The word 'union' whispers from the mouths of Lovers and I, The Fool, cannot see the meaning but in my heart I hear the call. Not knowing how, not seeing why. No logos but pathos, this is what drives one on, the want, the longing, the soulful knowing that one must begin the Journey.

There is a caution about denying the intuition. I learn to fall deeper into Trust.

Following the call, this siren, brings me to the realization that the gifts, these ideas that were floating up in the clouds are here at my hands. Green and fertile they have grown as I have gazed dreamily in the sky. Fulfilling my Will found in waking up my senses to the fecund seeds soon to burst from bulbous pods with cloying sweet allure and dancing colors here in my garden, beneath the tree.

It's not *out there* it's here. Here in the navel, the belly, sensation speaks. 

It is here. The time is now.

Shadow and Sky

Interpretation: Feel, trust and explore.

What are you feeling what is said within? Are you listening? Do you understand the voice or do you need a journey of your own?

The cards are cast and spiraling out from the center where The Fool stands is a path of tiles. Cards that draw upon the influences. Tides.

Ace of Swords; Judgement; Six of Pentacles; Princess of Cups; Three of Cups; The Chariot;  The Lovers. 

I bring you the divining.

January Tarot Cycle

I am looking for sensation. The call that heralds the beginning of a new journey. I may already feel it now, some deep sense of things that clearly shouts at me tho I may not yet know how to understand the voice within me. There is only one way to know, to jump off over the metaphorical cliff. I am taking note of any judgment  about the pull that is seeking to sweep me up in an embrace, my faithful companion at my heels (ego) is yapping away. Dog's seek to protect.

Questioning myself, I ask, "Am I using critical eye when looking at motivations? Am I questioning my resolve? Shouldn't I follow my instinct?" Too much mental can pave over the currents of emotions that have come, seasonally, to carry me on spring tides. The Fool goes seeking, that is his or her nature. 

Knowing is an education that goes beyond our thoughts and into the roots of our deepest self. It is my gut, my instinct, my elemental being that speaks with urgency, hunger, and deeper still the unseen that communicates the messages up through the layers of my mind to says "go left!" instead of right, and sometimes deeper still into euphoria, complete release. 

The voice of intuition is sensual. I am yearning and that puts a fire under the skin and bone. The body dances anticipating connection. 

Taking stock of my resources, talents, and connections and how I can make the best use of them? This is preparedness. Looking at the packing process with a facetious smile. My luggage like Hermione Granger's Bag, I may sling the little thing over my shoulder but within is a vast space that can carry many tools and tricks. I know that no matter how ready I believe I am I cannot foresee all things. 

Ideas in the bag, feet on the floor the rhythm of my walk matching, the journey begins here. Less worry, more certainty now that I know what I am capable of, and what I can carry with me when I go.

Yet, I cannot foresee everything. 

Watching for doubt and feelings of defeat or loss, emotional tides take us to the sea where, moved by essential nature.

Faithful companion barks her warning, "be careful!" knowing my anticipation, the young one within me wants to scream into the horizon, wet in the face, hanging from the highest point of the ship.

Thoughts of "what if," turn aside. Trust the essential nature. 

There is a vernal sense of romance, a frolicking allure in the wind and the sea spray. This, yes, this is the joy of experience I think as it draws me out, into the world. Pleasure -and I do not mean to say (or refuse) indulgence or gratification- this is my guiding force and it should resonate with me with a sense of "rightness;" Rippling at the Swadhisthana and glowing from the Anahata in the warmth of my belly and heart, energizing the right direction even tho I may not know where I am going. 

This creates a resonate field. The principle of vibration, and attraction command and this will collect and populate the very air with a sense of what I am seeking. Emotion, vibrates, and attracts this is the vessel, this is the path.

Intuition guides, mind follows. 

My will should ride the swells and dips with pleasure, open and receptive to knowing through the intimacy of sharing. Evoke wonder. 

I have taken the measure of myself, if I am seeking this new love whatever it might be, heeding the new year influence, I know that I cannot bind it a forceful grip, for if any love is held to tightly the flow will end.  



The Task: Find the feeling that is calling to you. 

Take stock and measure. Meditate. Journal. Ask questions and find answers. Expand the feeling, does it have a taste, smell, name, sensation, or stir up memories? Open up the treasures found in your senses, within, and see what is inside. 

Draw some cards, lay the Fool out and do a reading of your own. Cast the Tarot around him, what do you see? What are the details? 

Don't be so intellectual. If you need to, call in your sounding board, a friend or family member to help you understand. Your path might not look clear, and this is okay. I think that the current now is drawing us into the dance and not scrunching up our brow trying to figure out dance steps. You know more than you realize, yet...

Not knowing is the first recognition of growth, the border of the unknown and the unseen. Like the Water Dragon, this step can only be seen from one end, the head and tail are never in one place. 

Take yourself out into the world and follow that feeling, what comes into the path before you? Try setting an intention once you have figured out what is leading you. Create affirmations, start and end each day with that intention. (Louise Hay, Christopher Penczak, and a host of people have great insights on creating affirmations. I have a post here as well). Record your experiences. Share them with trusted friends. Most importantly get outside of the box. 

Seek what brings you happiness and if the feeling that is drawing you is not joyful, investigate it, there are hidden jewels there, and beneath them there are other answers. It might be that the feeling you are looking for is clouded by a shadows dance, wraiths of the past, a screen between you and the future. 

Be childlike. Watch wilfulness, judgement and control. 

eatpraylove1Seek what brings you happiness and if the feeling that is drawing you is not joyful, investigate it, there are hidden jewels there, and beneath them there are other answers. It might be that the feeling you are looking for is clouded by a shadows dance, wraiths of the past, a screen between you and the future. 

Be childlike. Watch wilfulness, judgement and control. 

The Fool is our youthful nature, a young on with an amorous and playful passion about him or her. This doesn't mean romantic love it could be a zest for life, food, a passion. The thinking and planning and all of that stodgy adult stuff can come after, it's time to embrace newness. Be light. Be playful and soft. 

Like Frances (Diane Lane) in Under the Tuscan Sun, or Liz Gilber (Julia Roberts) in Eat Pray Love, we must draw from our strength to grow and embrace the unknown and to hell with consequence when our souls au jus is on the line.

This is the Journey. I hope you will share it with me. 

Until next week when I'll be back to share some stories and dig deeper into Foolish Man.  

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