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January Tarot Cycle, Part 1: Seeking the Spiritual Other.

Scott K

Shadow and Sky Welcome to the new season of Tarot!

We are moving into a new cycle of readings. I began with daily cards, and later I had moved to Tarot Weekly readings which developed a nice following. I deeply appreciate the responses in email, comments, and from those who came to me personally with feedback and questions.

Before I begin the casting I have a few things I would like to write about this cycle. About my motivation and my method. I think it's fair to assume that you would like that so that the reading is clear.

This cycle of the tarot I'm going to focus on the Fool, moving through the Eight paths of the Major Arcana and the message that they bring. This is the Fool's Journey, I interpret this as an evolution, the awakening to the spirit in us all. We are The Fool and in any reading of the tarot you can see his or her interactions with the world through the people, and events great and small in the Major and Minor Arcana. 

We begin with the Foolish Man in January, on the New Moon, the Lunar New Year. We progress through the next eight Major arcana, the personality archetypes, Magus, the Priestess, etc. Each new moon a new card, each card in the cycle draws a reading. Each reading is a step along the path to the Hermit, the wise one in the cave, or as I like to think of him, The Other or our spiritual otherness. 

Seeking for the Spiritual Other

The-Hermit-08I don not use the term Spiritual Other lightly. I know that in many senses that the defining characteristic of the other is usually demonizing, or demoralizing. They are outsiders, outcasts and / or those who have gone through harrowing life experiences that have caused them (or forced them) out of step with society. It isn't always considered a comfortable place. 

There are many definitions of [the state of] [and what is an] Other, for my intent and purpose it is "the outsider," the one who moves outside the lines. You find this Other in the Tarot, the Hermit is (in my vision) the deck's Wisdom Keeper and resident outsider. The Fool may traverse the deck but Sire or Madame Hermit is the keeper of the paths of wisdom sought. He or she may not be the Hierophant, the divine emanation of energy embodied, or even the Magician Ol' Tehuti but he or she as an archetype is the reflective power of the seeker.

The hermit is simultaneously the wish to know and that which is unknown, yet discovered. The Hermit holds the question and the answer within his or her self, and this is where the Tarot Cycle will go. Inward and then out, taking the one within and then asking to draw the wisdom out. 

The Hermit is the Spiritual Other, off the beaten path and in the darkness of the cave. Sequestered away in their inner hideaway. The Crone, the Wise One, the Unfettered man or woman deep in their experience, wise in their knowledge, fleshed and away from the greater society, their mystical calling.

The calling!

You are the wisdom seeker. It is your time to resonate with your inner self, find the foolish man or woman who is calling out to the universe and bring them forward into your magickal space. The Tarot Cycle is a trip into the inner landscape, and finding our inner Otherness and from this place source our unique wisdom.
Tarot Cycle One will be a journey through the major Arcana of the Hermetic Tarot starting with the  Magician and continuing to the Hermit. This is a harmonic path of seeking connection through inner knowing. Moving towards our wisdom keeper

But one thing...

"Fortune Telling"

This isn't a series of posts foretelling the future.

I've always been fascinated less with the Divination  and more with the evolution of consciousness or learning, embedded in the keys of the Tarot. It is our self that remains  fluid and alive through growth and change that interests me. This isn't fortune-telling, I don't believe in "Fate" or some divined casting that we are bound to, forced to into fulfilling. I know that there are different opinions about this (and I respect these voices and their right to believe) but my casting is not the reading of a predetermined path, instead I believe that I am drawing on influences and, like me, the reader has an opportunity to read, contemplate and reveal their own answers. Answers that we find within our self, through sharing that are for our own life. 

I think that this is the most natural way to present The Journey. My refining of the method of delivery. This is a feeling of forces at work and describing them to understand the influence in our life. It is a path of questioning and sensing. This, I believe, brings us closer to understanding an evolving world of life that asks us to become conscious of our connection. 

I do not predict the future, which I believe is in a constant state of flux because personal and collective actions change what will be, I sense a part of the tide. I do not believe we are beings fixed in place, or intended to be static at the heart or in the mind. We are flowing and knowing the currents that wax and wane in our life is an option in conscious connection. 

I would like to think that I demonstrate that idea here at, in the past and it is my sincerest hope that I do so again in the lunar tarot cycle. 


"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."- Albert Einstein


I intuited, when I let go of the Tarot Weekly, that I could improve in a way with the message and the blog if I came from a different angel. That I could somehow embrace and explore through the drawing of cards and the "readings" that came of them the finer qualities of the Tarot, the metaphysical exploration of life. That is to say to show the communication between myself and the universe and inspire others to do the same through the Medium of the cards.

Naturally the idea was gigantic in my head and the last month has been full of surprises, my enthusiasm slowed just a little. I did however begin with notes and these notes now become the keys to the cycle of this year, 2012.

"2012" & Year of the Water Dragon

water-dragon-197x300There is a lot of buzz about this year. I believe that this creates an energy. I think that energy could influence our life. There are many people who believe that through inner alchemy and shifting their consciousness that they can create and connect to higher states of being such as compassion, unconditional love, and higher states of consciousness. There are folks who believe that we are coming to the end of days because of some Mayan prophecy, but it is my rooted opinion that we are not going into some Hollywood cataclysm, or will ascend out of our flesh into "pure energy" any more than we were going to rapture out of our clothes and fly into the sky. Hail Bop didn't take us away. The chariots of fire did not come to pick us up. 

I think it's rather clever that some of us have lived and promoted a metaphor of spiraling awareness, some for as many as 50 or 60 years if we consider the 50's civil rights movements and the 60's psychedelia, and that this information is so prevalent in today's society. Just goes to show how much we can do to shift. 

I do like Astrology, although I'm barely a journeyman in the study, and the lunar new year has always seemed significant to me. The Water, or Black, Dragon year of 2012 is symbolic of the water of the sky flowing down to the river, where the dam overflows. The river being the dragon, the flow being the power of this sacred creature topping over systems, fields, and flowing out of the set course.

Chinese Dragons are unpredictable and it is thought that you cannot see the head and the tail at the same time, meaning we cannot see all things or predict what will happen with such an incredible influence. It might be said that we have an energy of possibility flowing through us and the world around us. 

I believe tapping into the powerful, the unpredictable, and the other within that naturally flows outside of defined space can accent our Journey. 

Tarot Cycle, Part 2?

There is just too much information to put into one post!

Later this week I will launch the second part of the lunar reading with information on the Foolish Man (or woman!) and the nature of his or her questing and seeking. There are some significant cards in the mix about grasping powerand honoring our inner voice, because this is a month-long process I am looking forward to exploring. 

I would love if you would join me. Bring your cards, get your journal for some notes, prepare to explore! There will be parts of these posts that you can passively read and gather some feathers of information but to take flight you must take wing and join the work yourself. 

Remember, this is about going within and finding the energy for you about this year. When we know this we can then begin to seek, know, and learn what significance the personal, social and natural influences have in our life. 

That voice that knows... That's your Hermit. That is the Spiritual Other. No predictions of the end of the world. No flying out of our cloths into the sky or alien invasions in the middle of an earth wide flood. Although, from my perspective, I'd continue to find greener ways to life our life, in as many ways as possible. We have one planet and she and all her creatures are suffering by the personal and collective hand. 

Until later this week, journey well. 

- --

Lifencompass now the Sacred Other

Art, divination, and healing. 


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