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Update: Art Submissions for The Reiki Digest Art Show

Scott K

A friendly reminder that you can still submit your work to The Reiki Digest for their online Art Show, until July 23rd. I decided on a few pieces, two paintings from The Hidden Place art show, back in October 2009. Aurora (below) is based on two energies. One, the song Aurora by Bjork which I consider a song to Goddess. An invocation is present in the vesper of the painting, as hands reach for Spirit, healing, Reiki, Goddess, it / she / all reaches back. One wonders what she (hand above) reaches for?

Medium: Acrylic, paper machete on canvass. Dimensions: 3ft wide x 4ft tall

Rook (above) is an expression of the ancient energy of healers. Primal power of health emerging from the earth.

Medium: Acrylic, organic materials, paper machete. Dimensions: 2ft x 4 ft 

Details were posted in a roundup, last week here:

Paintings, sculpture, photography, they are accepting Reiki inspired art.

You can find the Reiki Digest at their blog, or on facebook.

Be well.

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