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Samhain, the final harvest

Scott K

Halloween is in the air as a cultural festival and as a natural movement here in the northern hemisphere. B keeps saying, I can smell Halloween. Friends are writing about spirits on walkabout, witches feel empowered. The shift is upon us as summer ends in the last fire festival.

An ending, noted in our weekly Tarot spread. Tis the season for reaping the last harvest.

I'm feeling fully witchy. I always do in changing times but Samhain, with all the cultural hub-bub about Witches and ghosts, spirits and monsters, Jack-o-lanterns and such amplify the feeling.

Digging deeper into the feeling this year with many of my recent personal discoveries and my exploration of the such things as the Three Rays of Witchcraft, Isaac Bonewitz's Real Magic, and just the general journey-work (predominantly underworld / shadow stuff) has brought an acute awareness of those who have gone before.

The capital-D, Dead.

This year I give thanks to those Witches that have gone before me. The medicine people, healers, herbalists, shaman's, midwives, pagans, druids, and tribal spiritual leaders along the blood line of my spiritual heritage. They are the roots of my power, from them, their discoveries and practices, come the traditions, passages, and magick of my today.

I give thanks to those who have passed, who have nurtured me, those who helped to raise me when I was raising myself, and finding my way through life as a child.

I light a candle for al those who have passed and made an impact on my life, the queer spirits who fought for my freedom, and all those who have endured the hardship of unequal rights, inhumane treatment, and dehumanization. Thank you for fighting. Thank you for creating an awareness through your acts, endurance, suffering and victories.

I give thanks to all those who have helped me that have remained unseen, an unknown. Tho I did not know you were there, did not see or hear your actions, I have benefited from them. Thank you for your service and charity.

I dress for you this holiday. I burn a candle for you at this time... I leave you offerings of honey, and sweets, liquor, tobacco, and food.

May you savor them.

– - Be well,

Scott K Smith

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