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(UPDATE) Tarot Weekly: October 11 - 17, 2010

Scott K

Hi there. Very sorry for the delay in getting the weekly out and published but I have had an interesting weekend, followed by a day of longing for some deep forests and time away from the city. I've partially satisfied my thirst for some outdoors with meditation, and a few episodes of Wild China.

Tarot Weekly

This week we are visited first by Owl, then The Devil as the keynote speaker of the weekly reading. Accompanied by the Queen of Swords, the King of Pentacles, Nine of Swords, and again the Ace of Cups (R).

I'm aware that Owl as a bird of mysteries has many messages and meanings throughout time and in many, many cultures all over the world. Seen as birds of wisdom, symbols of protection, harbingers of death and the loss of virginity (to name a few), I am feeling this:

A guide in places where we would be hard pressed to see. A bird able to traverse the darkness and navigate the land through exceptional vision and sensitivity to sound. I am seeing the seeker, out in the forest, the moon in the distance and unsure of step or path, the owl guiding the way. Teacher of paths in darkness, dreams, and uncertainty.

What is before us? What do you see? What is said? What do you hear? Where is your path, feel. Know your direction.

The Devil

Illustration of the devil, page 577. Legend ha...

It is possible to discover our direction  in our passion... Our desire can lead us into dance, abandon, and intoxication and the paths of love, and desire. There is truth in these paths, yet there is danger when the symbol of the Devil pokes his head into the picture. We can become slaves to the rhythm of our thrust and leap, loosing our path when we loose our mental focus.

Passion without thought can lead to choices without realization. We can end up broke, sick, off-course. Naturally we can find ourselves in far better places than where we once were. Letting the fire of desire lead can break us out of routine. Take us into new life, vigor, vitality.

Whether this is chance or fate that breaks our cycle, or confuses us a long the Journey's way, the Devil does not bother himself, he is laughing. This is his realm of delight, flavor, feeling, touch, and delicious intoxication. He rules the game, we are but participants in his realm. It is not harm he seeks to cause but enjoyment, it is our own fault if we go to far.

He is there guffawing again, for this too, our decadence, and overindulgence are paths within his sphere of influence.

How have you gotten to where you are? What are you experiencing? Is that feeling high or low? Examine what you assume, explore your view of this moment. I'm seeing that this is less like a time to let go into the passion of our desires unless we are aligned with what is brining us joy, experience, AND ready to handle the intensity with both ecstatic pleasure and then personal responsibility.

Note the accenting cards, there are specific pointers that could indicate a deception. This then is where I draw the cautionary note.

Queen of Swords

She faces the truth, logically, direct and the point, she asks us to be clear and to see.

Her mind is sharp, honed over many years, like a sword it cuts through the bullshit to reach the heart of the matter. The truth. Righted she is in power, with a keen and agile mind. She IS the power of the owl in this instance. Her power can take you directly to the heart of the truth.

King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles is your "Ace in the pocket" at this time. He is either a helpful man, most likely older and more experienced in life, or an aspect of fortune that is influencing the outcome of your choices. He is good with these "earthly matters" and can give you the power of proper guidance and practical knowledge.

He can say "this is what you should do" and you might want to consider it.

But take this also as a potential warning. We're dealing with a card of possible trickery and no heap of someone's advice can replace your own true internal compass (baring any complete loss of common sense and your willy nilly dip into lack of connection to what is happening around you). Like any good reading, advice should lead you towards your answer, your betterment, or resolution (etc) not further into confusion.

Should you find that you are on the shit end of the stick in this weekly reading of the energy, meaning "confused" or "tricked", "led astray", etc. Please pull out your inner "don't fuck with me" Queen of Wands, and continue from there. :)

This King is an emissary of practical action. Could be time to find your "Pa" or experienced help if you are going through a long term transition that is not ending.

Nine of Swords

Oh the agony! Unfortunately the influence of this card reinforces the Devil. Not so good. There is a message here that I get of, "that which wakes you up in the night is the heart of the lesson (Karma) you are working through".

Ace of Cups (R)

Are we still stuck because of this? Are we still murky in our decision-making? Are we continuing to question our / their motives?

The Ace in reverse is tailing on the cycle of the number 9 (nine of swords) and shows an incomplete beginning. For clarity's sake, ask yourself what feels good.

Make an appropriate plan to move that direction, (or) if need be, dash there with passion unleashed.


WLANL - koopmanrob - Hekate

There is truth in what you feel and see. The point is to listen to your feelings, you inner sense, about it's rightness for your self. We can all suffer miss-direction, the world is full of many wonderful and terrible things that can bring up our passionate self. I consider it a personal challenge to allow for the fire in the belly to burn without it setting everything around me ablaze in a 4 alarm fire.... well at least not without the proper safety equipment.

When we come to the crossroads, it is our passion that lights the way. Harness it. Make a torch like luminous Hekate, and seek the path you choose.

For the centered person, this could be a time of observation, seeing over indulgence in vice in others and knowing or seeing the result of those decadences. You may find you have an opportunity to shine a light in the darkness. Caution indicates that you shouldn't let other peoples business take you away from your own life so much that your own passions suffer.

– - Be well,

Scott K Smith

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