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Tarot Weekly: Monday Sept. 13th - Sunday Sept. 19th

Scott K

From the Daily planetary Guide:

"There is a major change in planetary motion on Monday and Tuesday that could be the signal you've been waiting for. After five months in retrograde motion, Pluto will turn direct and remain in forward motion for the rest of the year..."

Mercury has gone direct (Sunday, Sept. 12th). Yay! But there remains some cautionary notes about winging forward with your ideas until later in the week when the planet is in full motion.

Tarot Weekly

This week we leave the Chariot (R) and the Strength Card (R) comes into play. Last week we had the reminder (calling?) to get in touch with our inner journey, at least in part, before setting our ideas / plans in motion.  Strength (R) is asking us to bring those central values up and stand in them. Which is interesting because as an animal influence we draw Hind (R), I'll get to that.

If we've done our journey work, whatever it is you practice that brings to light this result, then this should be the message of power for this week. There is a question about our own resolve to stand in this, our nature, in this weeks general situations, in light of what we have learned, and ask are we being inflexible or are we truly following our own inner calling? We have to watch our reasons for doing.

Could be tough love, sticking up for your rights. You might feel you are being pushed to far... it's time to stand up for yourself and do what's right for you. Walk carefully if this is in direct relation to your intimate relationships. Backbone without wilfulness or tyranny.

This is a "know thyself" situation and now that we've emerged from a retrograde period, and we carry forward with our inner prize, we need to know whether this push to move is in alignment with the essential self and our beliefs, or is it stubborn insistence?

Three cards, as is the usual, align with this message.

Five of Swords is a positive note on the Strength (R) card, mostly. Keep the message in mind. It says look out for yourself. There may be others in damaging roles in your life, could even be those said relationships, but you should be taking care of your needs. I see this playing out in a few personal friendships, so I need to note the significance, as I've already watched this interplay. If your heart is in the right place, your core, your feelings may be telling you the truth.

Your view should be eying the bigger picture of your goals, wishes, and desires. Do not be fooled by the wants and needs of others. Connecting with who we are is key here.

You have the opportunity to champion yourself.

Four of Wands rolls in and says that completion is at hand but I have to ask if you think that all circles when drawn round and connected are always needing you to draw eyes, and a smiley face in the middle. Sometimes the completion of a karmic cycle is celebrating the ending of things... and we end things, irregardless of the pain (or joy) involved with them when we find peace with the closure.

Endings allow for new passages, yes, but the also cannot allow for the best of new growth in our life if we do not close the door on one chapter and begin another. This is the time adding the old to the fire, to be burnt and recycled, may be the best for you at this time.

Is the idea that we have a noble path for our life?

Finally the Nine of Pentacles returns to us yet again, she's be popping in and out for awhile, often in reverse, and the card ask if the impetus is refining, diplomatic, and done with grace. Our actions create ripples with all our relations. Does your drive create or destroy and where is your mind focused, on the creation or destruction? To what purpose? Does it serve the above causes.

Lastly she, and I say she because the figure in the Rider Wait is a woman in the garden, is symbolizing the power of your own estate (literally or metaphorically) and your ability to handle your own situations. Doesn't mean you can't seek guidance, or bounce ideas off friends and companions but recognize your power (Chariot) to wrest control of our life and make something good happen.

I'm going to stick with the Animal Influences, from the Druid Animal Oracle, as I'm feeling a nice influence and some insights from drawing the earth related animal help in our weekly's.

This week our helper is the Hind, or deer (R).

Interestingly (ha. ha. ha.) the card is saying to focus on our day to day life, and less on the inner world. We've had our time, and if we've taken it, it is time to emerge and make these changes happen.

Seems like the alignment is right. Come out of the cave of self and start deciding direction. If you have taken the proper direction (feeling the truth, inward) and you understand the right path for yourself, then the time to act has come. Be mindful of your feminine nature, your inner goddess, your sacred women and their power to care for these things and step in the direction of your choosing.

This pairs nicely with the Strength (R) and our reading because it's asking us not to wallow, dream, think and feel so much about what needs to be done and go and do it. Hind is gentleness but not weakness.

Again, back to the tough love.

Hoping that this finds you feeling lovely.

- – - Be well,

Scott K Smith

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