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Tarot Weekly: September 6th - 12th, 2010.

Scott K

Feels like things shifted course a few degrees doesn't it? I think it's because it's time to move some things... or better said, righting some things from the last month, specifically the lessons of the Chariot.

Tarot Weekly

The Chariot returns and we are flipping him around so his wheels and the beasts are on the ground once again. Curiously he or she is framed by two court cards, representatives of the two powers (the Sphinx's) both in reverse: Queen of Wands and the King of Pentacles.

Below the Chariot is the Seven of Pentacles, a note to self.

I've also added a helping spirit card, the Merlin. A Hawk from the animal kingdom, for more insight.

So where do we begin here?

First we are  mindful that we are in the flurry of many retrogrades, that we have covered and do not need to redress again. Read back over earlier posts to get the full width and breadth of their influences in recent weeks.

Hawk (Merlin) possesses incisive vision, guile, and powers of trickery and persuasion. He or she is crafty, magickal, swift. Merlin is asking that we choose now to focus in and complete plans, ideas, adjustments that need to be made before we let loose and take action.

It's not yet time to loose our birds and snatch at the moment. Soon. Soon the time comes when we can launch but it's not just yet. Mercury is in retrograde and I would seriously consider the ramifications of any actions that we take and intend to set in stone (pentacles) because "transactions" / transfer's of energy could be jeopardized by the inward focused energy. This is good, planning helps, conserving until the moment is right to catch the planetary push of energy that comes when a retrograde completes.

Imagine that energy funneling inward, spiraling into subjects that we've been working with. Swirling about and preparing for the turn of the spiral in, that time when the funnel reverses. We can ride that out with new ideas or fresh perspective and use the tide to come out of cycles. Freeing us for new things.

The Chariot is mastery, and the card is asking about command. There has been suggestions that the people who are reflecting parts of our self are now mirroring the potential for that shift. I'm not talking about shifting these people but your self. There is the possibility that what you could mirror back to them would cause a transformation, and I get that as a heavy possibility if you are in a place of personal awareness that the lessons you receive from your own journey could be quite therapeutic, but don't expect the change in others. Find it in yourself. The card is in the righted place, but again remember that we have turned the card in the upward direction to show the potential being grounded. An event that is soon to happen but may not have happened yet.

The Charioteer is both mastering the pillars and passing through them, so in a sense there is a note about the teaching of the Priestess. Penetrating the mysteries of the self and the universe, channeling the polar into one being. Upper and lower, mother and father, or the two court cards that are before us. The assertive nature of the Chariot is at the pinnacle for our own passage through. Taking command of our self and topping the hills we may feel we have trudged up.

Queen of Swords (R) is there to cut through the masks that we project, and show the authentic self. The inner you that has worked up and out. This could be heavy-handed, sharp, especially when paired with the Merlin. Your insights could be "cutting". Her reflection could be an insightful woman in your life who doesn't hold any punches. She's nice but serious. Laughs at the reality. She has no illusions about things and can sometimes come off harsh. There is love there within the Queen of Swords but she just doesn't have time to play around with your bullshit.

Be mindful of your own process and intuitions but equally conscious of how you deliver them. Watch for narrow or extreme views.

The King of Pentacles (R) is then coming in rather conservatively but this is a good thing. These two rulers are working well in their own realm and the King of Pentacles has the skill and know-how to bank on the future. He's steady, plotting, think of a boss who has a long vision of a company's future and who, what, where it will go. He can plan it all out.

Manage your material affairs.

Think about the long road, the bigger picture, and how what you are doing now can be steps towards a future. Be practical, grounded, steady. Watch for resistance to change, allowing something flawed to continue because "you can manage it". Also check for "by any means necessary" attitudes, spend now, do now, start now.

Conserve, again, for the right moment. It's coming.

We leave the Seven of Pentacles for last, revisiting us from the week of the 24th.

He or she is asking us to take a moment and asses our situation, what is needed, if anything? What direction are we going. Does our life reflect our inner compass? What space are we acting from? How does it feel?  We are at a crossroads and the Seven of Pentacles is begging the question, are you in line with your goal and or vision of where you should be.

Is there two big of a gap between the life imagined and the life lived? Sevens are not final numbers in fact they represent that moment of contemplation as what we know is deepened through reflection, again affirming that this isn’t a time of endings but reflecting.

It seems to me that we're being asked to wait, physically, and move mentally/magickally. Sit still and journey.

Gather your notes, your journals, and all things related. Lay them out on a board, blog it, bring it together and see what the bigger picture has been. Where have you been obsessive, overly focused? Where have you been lax? What does your bank account look like?  If you want to launch something new then you will need to plan out these things and have the funds to make it happen. Ventures require planning.

Get it together. Pull it together. Cut through the BS. Plan ahead and keep a sharp eye out for the right moment to act.

Grow with the flow.

- – - Be well,

Scott K Smith

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