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Tarot Weekly: August 30th - September 5th, 2010

Scott K

Three of Swords from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck

Welcome back.

This weeks Tarot drawing includes: Justice (R); accented by the Empress (R) how did she get in there)? Three of Swords (R); Six of Cups. It's a strong wave..

Tarot Weekly

I got a few takes on this weeks reading and I feel that I have to throw them out there for you as the energy may be flowing in a broad swath of dark color but the specifics can shift to play out for each of us specifically, and differently.

Scenario 1: Keep an eye out for the voice that cries injustice! You will know the crier because you will respond to it emotionally and probably with some velocity. You will note that this situation will be grossly unfair, out of balance, and probably an abuse that you feel needs a champion.  The solution isn't so easily picked and you may find that easy or "fluffy" ways of problem  solving, unrealistic.

Scenario 2: You are doing yourself a great injustice by building up and wallowing in your own emotional nature. This is probably sadness, regret, pain. You're the empress of sad right now and you need to shift your attention on something a bit more constructive at this time because you're not just feeling hurt, you are perpetuating it. It might be time to seek help, and it's definitely time to step out and get a little lighter on yourself. These are your feelings, it is your mind that is repeating them over and over, ad nauseum. It's gross self-torture and it's time to think about how you need to change.

Your focusing on the pain or the injustice too much, probably enough to prolong your own suffering. Wallowing in it. You need to shift your focus or as my mother would say, "Get off the pot or take a shit."

Scenario 3: This one strikes me as a strong option. Your excesses have caught up with you. They are causing an imbalance. The turn of justice as a result of your life choices is swift, you could have seen it coming but you were under the illusion that the appearances you gave were what people were receiving.

In this scenario you may find that it is someone around you. A co-worker, friend, or family member who may have run a little rampant with their excesses: drinking, buying, some form of material excess. They could lose a job, or find themselves in some situation in which they suffer a loss because of it.

For the record, this third scenario fruited and dropped right at my feet within the last hour. I could see it coming for the last month. Apparently this person did not. Bam. Done. Sorry. Good bye.

Key words: Injustice. Excess. Gross. Unfair. Could be some type of destruction of what we hold dear (environment, harvest, etc). Emotionally painful. Sorrow. Finding joy. Lightening up. Seeking play... or distraction.

Keep in mind that we still have some retrograde action going on and you may want to consider how these planetary influences and the trend of energies for the last few weeks (here, and here) could be affecting you. Retrogrades can be found under this search tag.


- – -

Be well,

Scott K Smith

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