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Tarot Weekly: Monday August 16th - Sunday August 22nd.

Scott K

This morning's meditation was...interesting, but aren't they all? Maybe that's why I turn back inward all the time, the timeless entertainment of discovery.

Before I even began to pull cards I heard the name Durga. I connected to that name and in a moment all the mothers in  my life passed through my mind's eye, an outpouring of love and respect for mothers everywhere. Just as strongly as this procession of womanly faces and the gratitude that we should all have for them, were two other thoughts.

Yes I know, Durga assembled by light of many gods, she was given their greatest gifts, she has many forms. She's a destroyer and protector, she is Invincible, made of the light of all the gods, wielding their many fearsome and magickal weapons and tools. She kicks asses like a thousand Bruce's Lee's, demons of poverty, famine, evil thoughts and suffering beware!

Today she feels silent, jovial, waiting. Supportive, nurturing in her strength to give stability, balance, grounded power, and keen perception that will come in handy, later. For now it is our time to stand, sit, stabilize in her earthly powers of light. It's not time to strike, it is time to rejuvenate. We are all mothers, we all have a thread or a weave that connects us to this powerful energy and, we all (Mothers and Others) deserve a break this week.

Maybe it is the strong Mercury and Virgo influences now and preceding the upcoming retrograde of Mercury in the Virgin, but the focus was not on the details as we know Virgo can "knit-pick" a thing to death but in the cooler, bounty aspects of the earth. The enjoyment that comes from enjoying a cup of tea, a glass of wine, the laughter in our friends and family, over the things that may come into focus in the next week that tend to irritate us or drive us to make alterations to plans or projects.

Don't do it. It's not the time. If you must consider carefully the bigger picture because Mercury + Virgo is narrowing the ego into focusing on details that may blind you to the greater pattern of what is being woven. This is where the "knit-picking" will hurt you. Besides wouldn't you like to regroup a little and conserve and not blowing useless energy off on petty details. Yes, petty! Enjoying these bounties as if power, ego, a self unconcerned by worming feelings that the prevalent energy can potentially turn towards.

The cards show the astrological influences in this way...

Tarot Weekly

Justice (R), Queen of Wands, Five of Wands (R), Ace of Pentacles (R)

Careful of the balance between work and play.

Sitting at my altar the card that pops out the most is not the Major Arcana card, Justice, but instead the Queen of Wands. In this instance she is our Durga representative. Queen of Wands is quick to burn, but this is her mothering way. She snaps a flame under your ass to get the lesson across and then hugs you and tells you to get past it. Lesson learned.

Queen of wands is stable in earth this week so I know you may suspect a fly in the ointment take on a sphinx like aspect. Wait. There is some mischief up in the workings of things but to strike now would be to divert the progression by striking before the iron is hot.

What is the progression? Last week we talked about that, it was "the changes" that we are going through. This stabilizing point is to ground the energy into something more stable than our emotional nature, something more current with the season and the path at this time. We say "relax" and "rejuvenate" because there is reason to continue to seek the inner voice and follow the path that may not seem most direct.

My feeling, that our fire is held in check, used instead to radiate a warm glow, as it builds, warm up your environment, find some fun to do with the flame -friends, family, lovers, dancing, charming, almost Empress-like, spreading out the wealth of that power... just not raising your spear to strike the heart of the foulness that you are sensing but cannot pinpoint.

You may have frustrations, you may feel off-balance, you may find your self striking with the fire of the Mother of Wands but just ask if this is Justice, or something more petty, like revenge or justifying reason that we create to feel "right" or come out looking better than someone else.


Periods of retrograde are  times for inspection, the energy now focuses on our elements fire and earth. The Durga is a mother as much as she is a warrior goddess. The Shakti is flowing this week, potentially through you, take the time to find your inner mama and use that power to cultivate love, stability, strength, and if necessary a firm hand to define boundaries.

In the meantime be sure to give your mother, mother figure, or friends who is a mother, a call and tell them how much you appreciate their love and support. Giving thanks completes a karmic circle. Even better it's nice to give mom's a good thank you, they often do their service of raising children (birthed, spiritual, or adoptive) without a lot of gratitude.

Hug a mom.

******** On a side (but related) note, I really enjoyed this video by Sister Unity Divine. It was "Bardic". Something entertaining that draws you into the story of Durga. Check out parts one and two.

[youtube=] ********

- – - Be well,

Scott K Smith

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