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Tarot Weekly: Monday August 9th – Sunday August 14th, 2010

Scott K

Hello! First I'd like to thank everyone who sent in feedback or posted comments to The Journey || I do my best to reply to every comment, if I missed you please feel free to give me an electronic poke on facebook, or the journey.

Tarot Weekly

This week was another strange and tense draw: Key 15, The Devil (R); King of Cups (R); Four of Pentacles (R) again; Ace of Swords (R).


The web that has spun tight about us now loosens slack. We seem to be able to fall through the ever-widening gaps of what appeared to be a situation where there was no possible escape. If we've been doing our work and walking our path in the last few months and pay attention to the vibe we are sending and the harmonics we are receiving then we should be in pretty good shape at this point, if not a little worse for wear at least shifting with the changing times.

I want you to consider one thing about the situations that we feel mentally or emotionally tied to, liberation happens when we lighten our heart and mind to allow our life to pass through the confines of our imagined prisons.  The webs have not grown slack, our personal vibration has become refined, and so what earlier held us cannot seem to bind us in the same thing.

I keep seeing this great web of light slowly expanding, becoming so faint that we pass through it, and tho we stay in the same place, the situation has changed because we have changed.

Practically speaking that means we have come to a zenith or center of possibilities, one being that we are now directly confronting our problems. The time is now. The card is in your favore. The moon is in Leo and it's new a time for new beginnings before it moves into analytical Virgo and we begin to look at, turn, and dissect. Better it be an emphasis of what is possible and an analysis what is wrong, or what doesn't feel right because the some stellar bodies are moving for you in that direction.

If it's the shadow you are working with you may find yourself with an opportunity to heal that relationship with your inner self, which deepens your intimate, worldly, and living connections through integration.

Be careful of the Temptation to indulge.

The Devil is accented by three cards, as is the way I pull for weekly readings.

The King of Cups (R) is highlighting an overly indulgent nature, almost piscean (??) that says I control or drown my problems. This could be someone who is emotionally cold or who turns down the volume on his (or her but the card is a King) emotional nature with substance. The potential message there is someone who is telling you that you are over reacting or "too emotional." Alternatively this can be our own nature that is lording over our feelings about something and we are asked to check in (again) and see if this is a personal dragon or a subconscious message that something ain't right at mama's house.

Again with the Moon moving from Leo to Virgo (with some aspects of Mercury thrown into the Virgin mix) it may be a perfect time to clean up house. Just keep in min that planetary cross that could spell some problems with relationships. It seems I already see this playing out with a few people in my direct circle, and I've felt a yank or two that has caused me to retract my Leo claws. Last week I said, "Don't shoot the messenger". This week be certain before you pull the trigger. The messenger may be a reflection of our own emotional turbulence that you've kept in check too long, rather than the cause of the disturbance.

The Devil (R) is also accentuated by one of the influencing energies we saw last week, the Four of Pentacles (R) which has to do with holding onto currency or energy. And I have to ask again, why is it you are holding onto these emotions, bottling them up, or disallowing them to be expressed in a healthy way? I'm not asking you to explode your head off and pull a Pompeii on your life. I'm asking you to look at the deeper current, the situation that so disturbs you, and what is in it that you are holding onto so strongly. Feels tome that the emotional vice grip and the later mental anxiety about the situation are deserving some alternative attention. The are screaming for you to listen.

The last card that pops into the Devil's play, empowering his influence this week, is the Ace of Swords (R). My first intuition is that the sword has been dunked into the waters, beneath the surface (consciousness) and down into the depths (subconscious). Withdrawn it now holds the treasure on the blade, a crown with the remnants of the ocean still dripping from it's bejeweled peaks... but is it really? Are we making more of something than it actually is? Are we exaggerating?

Are you an over-actor because of deeper issues? Could you be being willful and pushy only because things haven't turned out the way you expected?

These are the deeper questions to be asked.

On a last note I do want to say that not all readings are "good" (i.e. what we want) and that sometimes they are what we call "bad" (not what we want). There's a reason for that. Sometimes what we wanted isn't that good for us at all, or maybe we've imagined things so much that when we finally come out of our illusory haze the "real" relationships and situations we are actually in can seem rude, offensive, and just wrong.

It's not a matter of right and wrong. When we come to moments like these it is important to stay grounded, face what we are shown with open eyes and see it (whatever 'it' is) for what it is worth. When we have seen that we can then embrace it. If we can't accept the reality, we cannot change it. It may be contrary to our ideas and beliefs.

I  like to say, "It is what it is. Just accept it. When you accept it you can change. When you change, shift, you are practicing magick, and that's living."

I hope this finds you well.

- – - Integrate don't segregate,

Scott K Smith

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