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Tarot Weekly: Monday August 2nd – Sunday August 8th, 2010

Scott K

Greetings, I hope you had a lovely weekend, and Lammas if you celebrated. I made a multi-grain and seed salad with raisins, Quinoa, almonds and more for our dinner last night while we kept low-key. Trixie got fixed so I didn't want to do anything too exciting while she's in recovery.

Tarot Weekly

The Star (R), 9 of Pentacles (R), 8 of Cups (R), 4 of Pentacles (R)

Sounds like a doozy.

The flow of energy shifts this week and appears to flow out of our hands and in the wrong direction. It also feels as if there are some impacts on the home, wealth / jobs, or income and our emotional attachement to them. Is this "just the way that energy is?" No. We're creators, and crafters, Magicians and Witches, co-creators, of we are not bound to the course. As one of my least favorite people quoted, "Only dead fish go with the flow".

Knowing the way that currents can shift and turn by tuning into our finer senses can help us know when and where to create change so that we are navigators. Salmon full of vigor swimming up-stream to destination, not "dead fish."

The short story of the cards say to me that there is a pouring out of energy, not the healing / reprisal of the star being fed inward as a balm after troubles (the Star follows the Tower) but that is probably flowing that direction for one of two reasons. It could be misguided or even that our emotional direction needs to be looked at.  Our perspective could be askew this week and our good intentions could be better used by directing them towards a felt but unseen impulse to go another direction.

There is a little man walking up the road away from 8 Cups. There are tears, or fear or even doubts about a change in direction we may want to take, stopping us from making this move. This is of course a big red pointer at the 4 of Pentacles (R), hoarding energy or resources, specifically dealing with money, currency (energy), or possessions, the sources whence they come, or where they go: Employer; Home; Spouse; read "Relationships".

Energy flowing out (Star reversed), misunderstanding emotionally that may need to re-center yourself on what you really should focus on with some bravery (9 Pentacles reversed), and making that change (8 of Cups reversed) and not holding onto situations that you could need to let go of in order for them to change.

So the theme of the energy than is "Offerings" or "Sacrifice". Giving up what you are clinging to. Fear of loss is the guiding star here, leading us to figure out what is it that we currently trying to keep? What are we holding onto that obviously should be placed in the current, our paper lantern, and let free to float down stream from us?

So how do I make an offering of this?

The Pentacles, Cups, and the Star are pouring in their influence, I might devise some sort of sympathetic ritual or symbolic act. Something that done to represent; or physical acts.  Though we may meditate to get in touch with our deeper currents it is not the act of meditation or more casual, energetic approaches that we could most benefit from.

For example if you find that the situation here illustrates a need to spend more time apart in a relationship you can get up and do something about it moving into a new phase of your change or life. It doesn't mean you are breaking apart but you can acknowledge your own inner tug to follow your calling at this time (class, school, art, the emotional tug to explore the newness that is opening up within you); Thus honoring your change by offering up the time you would spend normally, by embracing the new creative or joyful impulse. Following a bliss.

If it were a job it might be time to start redressing your thoughts and perspectives about the job, your work place, and what you are doing in it. It may be that your thought forms about the job are now blinders to the reality that you could be experiencing.

You can also address these offerings in ritual, by creating effigies, collages, letters or other created things, that you give up to make room for the new. Remember to give with gratitude for our "thanks" completes the circle of energy and releases us to experience new cycles. We just passed a fire festival, the moon is waning, it is a good time for these things.

In both cases there is a felt need to hang on to an emotional state of being, a point of perspective that is past, being given energy, and is over. It's time for change. It's time to move on.

This is noted in the astrological change this week: Jupiter is Aries / Pluto in Capricorn playing out lessons of changing our behaviors and moving in new directions. I've been told that this stellar bump will move into the next six weeks and would concern us because it is affecting a larger stroke in the world. As within, so without what is clicking for a need to change within could actually, physically, play out in situations around us as people we know parallel our experience with their own in a collective learning process.

Don't shoot the messenger. Remember that they are there pointing out differences and in these opposites we find power to create the change in the cracks and crevasses they reveal. It is at our edges, our boundaries, where one world meets another that we find the power to shift.  If we gnash and wail over the endings we miss the joyful jolt of the beginning.

Honor the end/beginning by showing gratitude for where you have been and where you are going. Gratitude completes the circle allowing us to move into a new cycle.


On a side note I might watch your spending and if you were thrifty with anything, make it money for the next few weeks to a month...

Hoping that this finds you well.

- – - Be well,

Scott K Smith

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