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Tarot Weekly: Monday July 26th – Sunday August 1st, 2010

Scott K

What a week. I'm never quite exactly sure how things will play out in bigger castings like Tarot Weeklies, but I was actually quite surprised last week with some of the national / political trends that to me, represented the late and ongoing message: Getting a true perspective before taking action or we could be applying pressure and power in the wrong places. Centering the right and natural power for you. (Last week's message here). Illuminating example: Shirley Sherrod. No not just her but Andrew Breitbart, the Media, and the administration, and after the attack on Shirley Sherrod. The situation is quite messed up, if anyone along that line of "media" up and to the administration had bothered to check facts, we'd have a different scenario. Rather, we now have one fabricated reality by Andrew that pointed fingers at the NAACP, and the failed reactionary measures that came from it.

Andrew Breitbart lied and everyone came out of a bag for the wrong reasons. This was the Chariot in reverse, we should be careful how we wield our power and to be mindful that we are the drivers of our own passage.

Tarot Weekly

This wasn't a reading that was directly easy for me to digest and I spent the day contemplating the meaning behind the cards to find the spiritual message within. After some conversation and a couple of "ah ha's" I think the message has formed for me. I'm going to jump right into this one as it comes  to me.

There are two simultaneous realities that are happening at the moment and you may find yourself becoming a Magician in the process while you perceive what is happening on one level and see a completely different set of experiences happening on another. There may be a need to shift events to bring about a harmony between the two. The schism between these two worlds/perception is important because they represent two natural forces that need to be woven, aligned, or understood in their opposition so that you can create from that place of power. These two worlds are for our explanation the inner (or imagined) world and the outer (or lived in) world. They are in your awareness for two reasons:

  1. Bridge building and journey work, (most likely) for personal reasons.
  2. Threading: Bringing closer that energy that came through a few weeks back so that we are beginning to integrate more fully the healing of disconnect that it makes possible.

Life can feel like a dream at times. At least for me it feels as if I can pass through several spaces, events, realities in a day and still find my feet on the ground. Having my feet on the ground is important in times like these because there is a lot of information that the subtler bodies of energy are picking up and digesting. We can call this being grounded but the import is that the energy should, at this time, be directly linked to the denser levels of energy ("physical" if I must say it) to create an emotionally tangible connection between the events on the subtler level and those that are happening in the here and now.

This is the bridge building.

Threading comes about as we beginning to make these connections, these passageways between worlds. There is also a hint here this point, indicating that there are potential fetters and/or totem's, items that represent magickal power and mystical connections to be found (for those that are involved in the spiritual quest or magickal journey. It may be something natural, it could be recognizable, it may be completely foreign. That is for you to find).

On a more mundane level for the "regular folk" not into tree-climbing or the soul-search, this type of "idea vs. "reality" situation can seem like you are at odds still in your relationships. I feel this but... that is happening instead.

There is a pull into the visionary realm as if what we dream and imagine is so much better than what we have... the warning and message is that IF that is really what you are seeking, it is up to you to make the necessary changes in your  life. Just know Dreamer that this task of making dreams reality takes work and the reality may be far from the fairy tale you are spinning for yourself.  So if you are feeling like a Princess don't wait for a knight in shining armor to come rescue you. You will have to equip your own armor, find your gallant spirit, and slay your own dragons.

Because we are having these types of experiences we should cultivate a mindfulness of a few other things. Tho we are Magicians we are wise to remember that the magick we draw upon is neither good or ill, it is power, universal, energy and only imbued by the idea, intent, and flavor we bring to it through evocation or personal will. This is why it becomes important to first fact check our own inner landscape and motivations before pressing power.

There are three accent cards with this weeks pull: King of Wands (R), Queen of Cups (R), 8 of Swords (R).

Remember King of Wands illustrated:

The world is the distraction, or the distraction is in turning away from the world… and passion of passions that moves to frustration or a flame that burns to fierce, a one shot man. Be careful with any frustrations and/or drives in either direction. The pendulum of opposites can swing wide, almost magnetic under these new auspices brought about by the Uranus retrograde.

The Queen of Cups (reversed) and she accentuates exaggeration and storytelling for the sake of the awe, or to beguile you with story. Watch for escapism and those who wold distract you with their "stories from the weekend". Might be mindful, if it is actually distracting you from your work to give them the "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" motto, or schedule a gab time for later because you have work to do now.

The last accent to the weekly is the 8 of Swords (R).

I feel like Crystal Reflections had the best research on this card so I would like to quote them:

"Eight of Swords (R) - Begin your freedom - take off the blindfold and allow yourself to see clearly how you have created the situation you are experiencing - liberate yourself from this oppressive situation. Spontaneously utilize your creativity/ imagination and your logic/reason - combine these elements of your mind. See things clearly and turn this situation around - use your powers to transform your situation. Recognize where in your life you have power and rebuild your self-confidence. You have a tremendous potential for focusing on innovative ideas and releasing the necessary burst of energy. Stop backing yourself into a corner and deliberately trying to get yourself into "seemingly" impossible situations in order to "force" a really creative solution. Choose to use your intuition and ingenuity to liberate yourself - be receptive when the pressure is being released and KNOW that you will soon be free to forge ahead. Believe and trust that there will be relaxation from all your tension and fears as the pressures ease off and the whole situation just seems to turn around. Prepare your mind now to enjoy more freedom of thought and activity.

There may be an attempt to force this new level of revelation and awareness of emotional instincts and their accompanying spiritual realities into existing mental molds, into the world of the lower ego. If so, philosophical dead ends and frustration may result. The lower ego may rebel, not wanting to accept its inevitable conversion. The onset of doubts about your ability to accept more responsibility. Are you working in the right arena, on the right projects?"

We can bring these together in more than a few ways but essentially I draw this out of the spread:

Be mindful of where your priorities are at this time. What are you going through, check yourself on a few levels. Check life on a few levels, immediate family and friends, colleges, your environment, and your self. Ask, what am I creating? You could be in harmony here but it's worth the check-in.

There are some distracting forces at this time. Still the pull (Uranus) to burn out in a heave of thrust of passion on the quick, immediate, or on our action in the moment. Beveled on a seeming schism between the world in the heart-head and the world we are seemingly in. If you are an Adept this is probably a time of traveling and finding the point of tension between these two worlds / energies and creating from that balance, tension, or harmony found. (There IS power in each).

If you are not working on these levels I'd probably look at your ideas about the life you have and your "dream life" that you are dawdling around in. Watch for distractions, especially those that want to wrap you up in their world (most likely gossip or exaggerated stories of their exploits or dramas) and/or give them a time limit.

The easiest way for me to carry out these types of feats has been daily, morning (focused) meditation. Action lists of daily tasks and creating timetables. Get in touch with your emotional nature, your psychic / creative self and follow the tug, but only after a little bit of examination. Think before you act.

- – - Be well,

Scott K Smith

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