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Tarot Weekly: Monday July 19th – 25th, 2010

Scott K

This weeks message is pretty easy out the lips but it might be strong to resist, or recognize. The Chariot returns but this time he is in reverse. There is a question for ourselves about where and how we apply our power. There are issues that may come up in the next week that press on some old emotional buttons.

You can also look at it like a river, the energy this week could be compared to the sand, silt, and beings at the bottom of the river coming up. Unconscious emotional responses that are probably based past emotional low's (trauma, upset, dissatisfaction). Be very careful as this emotional/energetic trend continues this week. It's strong under the surface and you may find yourself caught up in currents that you never intended to enter, swimming against the flow when you could be sailing into new things, aspects of relationships or emotional highs that are better suited to the buoyant energy of the now.

If we're focused on the subtle, the experience and later wisdom that this monitoring has garnered will complete a cycle, navigating us through these potential misunderstandings and upsets caused by a misguided effort.

Some other notes:

  • Uranus is still out there tweaking things.
  • Brute force is not your tool for the week, look to Libra for some diplomacy. Be mindful where you are placing your will.
  • Jupiter is going retrograde! UGH another learning experience in going back over the same ground that you thought you had already traversed.

Remember retrogrades are for introspective work.

- – - Be well,

Scott K Smith

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