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Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft: The journey Begins.

Scott K

Okay so this posting definitely covers several threads in the blog, the Journey, including the Tarot Journey. I feel I have to say it, this is a bit more of a journal entry to record the experience and not so much a blog entry. I did my best to thread it together. Over the last few weeks I have attuned to the energy of The Lovers, while I’ve been preparing for the Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft (“TOSW”, Christopher Penczak) attunement. This third leg of the Journey is part of what I’ve been calling the re-dedication process, my “welcome back” to the magickal path. I think it, this next path, began when I picked up the book. It's also possible that this began when I started to receive requests to review Shamanic literature, specifically Awakening to Shamanism, The Path of Direct Revelation.

This morning I preformed some of the healing work and path-working, and performed the rite, The Shadow's Promise. Trixie, my little black Hekate guardian at the side of my circle, music humming, it was a great way to start my day. After circle I had some time to write and meditate before heading out into the world. I keep thinking I should get up even earlier to accommodate more day-time to work but I haven't gotten over some night owl tendency. Anyway, with that time I made a few connections. I'm tickled when I make connections out of the abstract or in various circles.

Well. the mind tries. There is a connection to the Shadow work (begun) and The Lovers tarot card from the Journey, and the dream painting-circle that I have worked on. There all sort of working up in unison. I don't mind what could seem like a slow-down, these things happen in their cycle and season. I could overlook points of discovery if I were to blaze through them.

I do keep in mind that I have deadlines, work, commitments, and I guess that just becomes another reason I like for the passion/spiritual work to open up as it does, in its time.

The Tarot Journey as it is at this point in my life is a movement towards the community, to step back into the local spiritual ecology as facilitator, teacher, artist and healer. I have detailed a huge part of the process here at Lifencompass and (again) I take my time with the opening folds, exploring each new bit that opens up.*(note at end of entry).

The Lovers was an interesting pull. Naturally the cards all come into play, each a doorway into insight about how I move forward into fullness. When I initially pulled the lovers it was the marriage of ideas, Libra, and finding a middle path. As I start the TOSW and explore the lement of Water through the path of Shamanic Witchcraft, the heart has come into play.

One of the first exercises in the TOSW (exercise 3) Emotional Body Training:

  1. For this exercise, conjure up a strong emotion from your past. Think of a particularly difficult situation or relationship that will bring up some reaction in you. Focus on emotional patterns that you consider harmful or difficult rather than happy.
  2. Bring your attention to your body. Focus on the sensation that the emotion conjures up in your body. Don’t analyze it or try to mentally figure it out. Simply scan your body, bringing your attention to your head and then down your entire body. Where do you feel the emotion the strongest? There may be more than one place.
  3. Disassociate the memory or situation from your bodily sensation. Don’t worry about how you will resolve the situation, or worry about what you regret or would do differently. You can worry about resolving it later. How would you describe it? Is it painful? Does it have a temperature? Does it feel electric? Magnetic? Pins and needles? Heaviness? Just describe to yourself. It probably won’t feel good, but that’s okay because you will be releasing it soon.
  4. As you breathe, will this energy from whatever part of the body it is in to move to your chest. Feel it move. As you command, it will move because all your attention is on it. Imagine your heart chakra opening with green or green and pink light. Feel the power of love in your heart. Feel the energy of your trauma pass through the gates of your heart, transmuting it. All uncomfortable sensations cease, and the energy passes out of your heart like a beam of pure light, transmuting into divine love and beaming out to the universe. The love you send out will return to you threefold.
  5. Afterward you can do anything else you need to do to restore your inner balance. You can do the Shamanic Smudging Ritual in Chapter 3 to cleanse and smudge yourself. You can do a chakra balancing exercise (ITOW, exercise 25), or you can simply rest or take a long bath.

~Shamanic Temple of Witchcraft, Chapter 4, pgs 73-74


I have practiced this exercise daily. I have shifted memories, deep-seated things, and associated energies that I have carried bodily, in a new direction. At the heart, the seat of Alchemy, I shifted up the energy and felt a lightness. This is the immediate change but I have now begun to see a few transformations within the spaces that these stuck emotions and body pain have sat. The emotional shift became clear in my relationships.

The two main issues were both in my distant past. The first related to digestion and elimination on the left side, associated with my childhood. The later doctor's visits, medical procedures, and a deal of shame as a child. The second had to do with TMJ (Temporomandibular joint disorder) which I have lived with and moderating for a very long time. Now I'm not going to get to personal here but the images that popped as I moved and collected the energy that I released at the heart was pretty "duh!" at the same time surprising in the emotional relief I felt.

There is another point of interest in the Shadow work, I realized that I invoked Dainichi Nyorai OR he volunteered his time. The Medicine Buddha represented on my altar (below). When I sought my healing guide for this, he answered. I did not, however, realize the kind of changes that have come about internally.

Just before this exercise while I was in the reading and planning stage I felt the tug to cleanse and reset my altar. On some good insight I moved out some tools, and made a water, herb, and fire offering to the Medicine Buddha who sits in my elemental South, home of Air, my guide for this leg of the journey.

Journey Altar
Now the healing work was well and good and I plan to finish what I have begun but there were some interesting repercussions in the last few days, as I said, namely in my relating to others.
The first day I was taking my morning walk with Trixie and I distinctly felt a friends presence. Someone who I chat with occasionally but rarely see. The feelings I had were overwhelming at that very moment. It was as if we were standing together and the water-wave of emotion and energy was enough to sort of displace my head for a minute. Then... Out of the mental tsunami comes the image on the altar, my guide in the south, the black Buddha. My reaction instantly changed. As if meditating on the image of the spirit was staring at the sun, an overlay of the meditating Buddha imagined my heart opening, than closing. I did. I shifted.
The following day I had to take part in some conversation and send some healing, remotely but on site, for another situation. Again my first, and probably childhood reaction shifted. Others have come along, each time I feel a gentle changing, each time at the heart.
The Lovers: Reconciling differences. Choosing between paths. The high road and the low road. Vice and virtue. Above and below. Back and forth this has started to feel exhausting. What if the lesson [for me] in The Lovers is in the middle path? I wonder to myself, could it be that this choice between two things is really hiding the magick in threes? The third way...
When I think of the way of three, or the middle path, it all sort of rings right for me. Awakening to Shamanism chapter-by-chapter review coming soon.

– - – - Be well,

Scott K Smith

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